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March 23, 2023

PSD’s Ciolacu: It is out of question for me to ever support compulsory vaccination

The Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD),Marcel Ciolacu, said on Wednesday evening that vaccination against COVID-19 should not be compulsory.

“It is out of the question for me to ever support compulsory vaccination. (…) Follow like this, from my political activity, when I said something and I broke my word. The President of the [European] Commission has the right to an opinion. I lived under communism. Everything was imposed. I still believe that vaccination should not be compulsory. It is everyone’s right to decide,” Ciolacu told private broadcaster Romania TV.

He said he is vaccinated against COVID-19 with three doses and called for restrictions on those who are not vaccinated.

“I’ve been inoculated three times. I check every night to see if I have scales, tails or longer fingers. No, it hasn’t happened. I’m just as healthy. The one who doesn’t get vaccinated should really respect my right to life. He will have more things to respect than I, who was vaccinated,” Ciolacu added, according to Agerpres.

He opined that the “feeding” of vaccination-related subjects has put Romania in a position to count 500 deaths caused by COVID-19 per day.

“Will we become serious people?”, the PSD leader went on to say.

The Social Democrat leader expressed hope that “those who have been responsible in the Ministry of Health so far will be held accountable for deaths that were due to incompetence.”

European Commission (EC) President Ursula von der Leyen said on Wednesday that there was a need for a debate on the appropriateness of compulsory vaccination against COVID-19.


I assume appointment of Marian Neacsu as Secretary General of Government


The chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Marcel Ciolacu, stated, on Wednesday, that he assumes responsibility for the appointment of Marian Neacsu as Secretary General of the Government, showing that Prime Minister Ciuca was informed regarding this proposal.

“I have made this proposal of Mr. Marian Neacsu and it’s not my attribute, it’s the attribute of the Prime Minister [e.n. – the appointment]. We brought to the knowledge of the Prime Minister who we desire to be Secretary General. He has no opinion. Mr. Neacsu is a man who had performances, a serious man,” said Ciolacu, at private broadcaster Romania TV.

According to Ciolacu, the conviction for conflict of interests regarding Neacsu was “legally overcome”.

“He wasn’t as lucky as some other presidents, for example of a country, if I were to give an example. So let’s understand: Mr. Neacsu stole nothing and, like many other local elected officials, mayors, was part of an administration council, wasn’t paid, I don’t even recall, at a school or something, he hired his daughter for a period of four months. (…) That’s corruption? I understand Mr. Neacsu had a conviction on this incompatibility, (…) conflict of interest, but it’s legally overcome. Mr. Neacsu has nothing on his criminal record,” the PSD chairman stated.

He emphasized that he assumes responsibility for the appointment of Marian Neacsu as Secretary General of the Government.

“I assume this appointment,” Ciolacu also said.

According to political sources, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca will appoint, in the coming days, Marian Neacsu as Secretary General of the Government.

Marian Neacsu is deputy chair of the National Authority for Regulation in the realm of Energy (ANRE). He was convicted definitively in 2016 by the High Court of Cassation and Justice to six month suspended prison sentence for conflict of interest due to his illegally hiring his daughter at his MP office, Agerpres reports.

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