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March 30, 2023

Special flight repatriating Romanians stranded in Morroco to land in Bucharest this evening

A special flight arranged at the initiative of the Romanian government for the repatriation of Romanian nationals temporarily stranded in Morocco took off from Marrakesh at 15:00hrs, EET, after the successful completion of all necessary procedures and formalities, with the aircraft being expected to land in Bucharest around 19:30hrs, EET.

According to the Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE), the list of passengers who boarded the flight, drawn up as a result of the active steps of MAE via the Romanian Embassy in Rabat, including requests for consular assistance from diplomatic missions of other EU member states accredited in Morocco, includes 184 persons as follows: 122 Romanian nationals and 62 other European nationals (four Bulgarian nationals, 15 Croatian nationals, two Greek nationals, 22 Polish nationals, 12 Hungarian nationals, two Lithuanian nationals, four Slovenian nationals and one Austrian).

In order to fulfil the necessary procedures and formalities related to the special flight, MAE, through the Romanian Embassy in Rabat and the Honorary Consulate of Romania in Marrakesh, kept constant contact with both Romanian nationals, constantly informing them about the steps in the repatriation process, as well as with Moroccan officials in order to facilitate the coordination and set all details of the arrangement.

“Romania’s diplomatic mission in Rabat was also in constant dialogue with the EU Delegation in Morocco and with the diplomatic missions of the other EU member states accredited in Morocco and conveyed Romania’s readiness to provide transport to Europe for other European nationals also stranded there, taking over and processing their applications.”

At the same time, MAE says that officials of the Romanian Embassy in Rabat and the Honorary Consulate of Romania in Marrakesh went to Marrakesh Airport to provide Romanian citizens with food and water and to help them fulfil all specific formalities for boarding the Tarom flight.

MAE thanks the Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Transport for “excellent co-operation” in preparing for this flight.

“By actively participating, together with the other relevant Romanian authorities, in planning and conducting the repatriation of Romanian nationals temporarily stranded in Morocco, especially through the Romanian Embassy in Rabat, MAE has concretely fulfilled its duties as provider of consular assistance and protection to the Romanian citizens abroad who find themselves in special situations,” according to MAE.


Romanian, foreign nationals expected from Morocco show no symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection


The Strategic Communication Group (GCS), Romania’s official novel coronavirus communication task force, reported on Thursday that no person in the group of Romanian and foreign nationals being repatriated from Morocco to Romania show symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection, adding that they will be tested on arrival and will be advised to self-isolate until the test results are known.

According to GCS, a TAROM flight with 122 Romanian and 62 other European nationals being repatriated from Morocco is expected to land at the Henri Coanda International Airport at around 20:00hrs, EET.

“If the test result is negative, the people repatriated from Morocco, a country in the COVID-19 green zone, will keep in touch with healthcare professionals to detect any signs of possible symptoms. The people testing positive will be driven to healthcare facilities for further examination and monitoring, and their test samples will be sent to specialist laboratories for sequencing for strain variant,” according to GCS.


Source: Agerpres

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