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July 2, 2022

Ada Tache, designer of “CRESC” tree for The Christmas Tree Festival: I love to be involved in projects that help and improve people’s lives

DENT ESTET Group, part of MedLife medical system and leader on the Romanian dental services market, is getting involved this year in the Christmas Trees Festival project organized by Salvați Copiii NGO. DENT ESTET joined Salvati Copiii 7 years ago to provide support to children in difficult situations to ensure good oral health. Through this project, DENT ESTET supports the creative approach of artists Ada Tache and Karim Rashid, the famous american designer, in creating the “CRESC” tree, which will be auctioned at the festival for raising the money needed in the development of educational programs for children. We spoke with Ada Tache about how her work as an architect and designer can contribute to so many and diverse fields, where she finds inspiration, who are her mentors, but also about other meaningful collaborations she had in her career.


You just created the “CRESC” Christmas tree, dedicated to the fight against socio-educational segregation in România led by Salvați Copiii NGO. What is the concept behind your work?


“𝗖𝗥𝗘𝗦𝗖” is a tree of joy, which exudes optimism and hope for a better world. It was designed like a game, with five different stages, each level having a special meaning, with a fundamental role in children’s development. The base of the tree, both through its shape and its yellow color, inspires ENERGY, which is the catalyst for a successful future. The BALANCE follows, correlated with the pastel green and marked by a horizontal bar. The third level, the INFINITE, suggests the many possibilities we have before us and is marked by the purple color, the color of self-esteem. UNITY is symbolized by light blue, and along with its shape, inspires serenity and spirituality. The Christmas tree is crowned with SHINE, marked with pink, the color of purity, which offers a strong sense of protection and affection. Silver unifies all five elements of the tree, enhances and protects them. Moreover, the tree speaks about the world we live in today, 2021 – digital and hi-tech. “𝗖𝗥𝗘𝗦𝗖” is made with contemporary technologies, such as laser cutting, thermo-forming and LED lighting.


The work “CRESC” is done together with Karim Rashid and DENT ESTET support. It’s not the first collaboration in this formula. Tell us about the laboratory design project within the “George Emil Palade” University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology in Târgu-Mureș.


Yes, that was a project dedicated to future specialists in dentistry. The arrangement of the space dedicated to students included two central aspects: the avant-garde concept, which benefited the direct involvement of Karim Rashid, and the endowment with the necessary equipment, for better professional training. The design of the laboratory was inspired by the concepts of technology, digitization and dentistry of the future, being perfectly adapted to the students needs. Thus, the space dedicated to a number of 30 students is divided into two sections: practice and course. These sections communicate visually, but also chromatically, functioning as a unitary whole, able to meet both the specific needs of a classroom and a dental laboratory.


How did your collaboration with Karim Rashid start and what are the main projects developed together?


I started working in Karim’s New York City Studio four years ago. I am mostly working on interior design projects, the biggest being Prizeotel hotel chain, part of Radisson Group.


What did you learn during your collaboration with Karim Rashid?


Karim has a multidisciplinary studio that includes graphic, product and interior design. Besides being able to have contact with diverse fields, it taught me to have a holistic approach to the project: the logo, branding, furniture, lighting, patterns, they all must work together.


You have a history together with DENT ESTET and it’s clear that you share the same values. What’s the story behind the relationship with the leader in Romanian dentistry?


First of all, I was a DENT ESTET patient. I chose them for their professionalism, technology and the extraordinary team of doctors. Later on, I became their image, and now I am designing many of their interiors. Each time I come back to DENT ESTET among friends. I am delighted that our collaboration lasted and I was invested with trust to create their projects like the DENT ESTET dental laboratory from UMFST, CRESC artwork and many others.


Where do you find inspiration?


Everywhere! From small-scale objects, to furniture, paintings, cars, to buildings and cities. But what triggers my creativity are the people, their needs and beliefs, which are crucial in developing any project.


Who are your mentors? What models do you follow in your career?


Obviously, Karim is my main mentor. I am extremely grateful to be working with him for so many years now. I admire creative and successful people that contribute to the world’s well-being, no matter their field. To name a few: Constantin Brâncuși, Zaha Hadid, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Alain de Botton. And last but not least, I have to mention Dr. Oana Taban, for her vision that changed Romanian dentistry services.

Tell us about the projects you’re most proud of and why.


I love to be involved in projects that help and improve people’s lives. Therefore, knowing that the auction of my “CRESC” Christmas tree will give many children in Romania access to a better future, is by far one of my favorites.


Art can be a link between several worlds from business, to medical, to charity projects. How do you “glue” them together?


With people. We make this world go round. It takes motivation, vision, and resources, and these are all up to us.

So, what’s next?


I am currently developing two more interior design projects with DENT ESTET. I love working in the medical field, where people are in real need of care and consolation, and I can offer them that through the spaces I design.


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