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March 23, 2023

Measures to contain the spread of Omicron variant: People entering Romania to complete a passenger locator form from December 20; RT PCR tests mandatory for people coming from outside EU

People entering Romania will have to complete a passenger locator form from December 20, head of the Emergency Management Department (DSU) Raed Arafat (photo R) said on Sunday.

The remarks were made at a news briefing at the Government House after a meeting convened by Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca, attended by the ministers of health, home affairs, and defence, and the director of the National Centre for Surveillance and Control of Communicable Diseases.

“The passenger locator form (PLF) is already implemented in many countries, especially at the entrance to airports where travellers must fill it in before travelling, carry it with them and produce at the border or on arrival at the border so that the holder may be located if there is a contact problem, be immediately located and contacted. According to the today’s talks, completing the form will be implemented from December 20, and a communication strategy will be developed for the use of all information vectors to prepare people for the use of the form,” said Arafat.

According to him, such a form has already been implemented by other European countries.

“Those who are now travelling to other European countries already know that this form exists and have to be filled in before travelling or on arrival in a country, so Romania will introduce this type of form starting December 20,” the DSU offcial said.

According to a press release of the Romanian government, the use of the passenger locator form was considered because a large number of Romanians are expected to return to the country for the winter holidays, and to protect the public and facilitate free movement amidst the emergence of the Omicron COVID strain.


RT PCR tests to become mandatory for people coming into Romania from outside EU


Romania’s Health Minister Alexandru Rafila said on Sunday that Romanians and other EU nationals arriving from countries outside the European Union will have to present a negative RT PCR test taken no more than 48 hours before arrival.

Rafila added that a series of measures were discussed at a working meeting at the Government House on Sunday that will be adopted moving forward.

According to the minister, the measures are aimed at containing the Omicron variant.

“Romanians and other EU nationals arriving from third countries, that is outside the European Union, will have to produce a negative RT PCR test taken no more than 48 hours before arrival. Those who are not vaccinated will be quarantined for 10 days. Those who are not vaccinated arriving from other EU countries will continue to present, as before, the green certificate attesting to vaccination, recovering from the disease in the last 180 days or a negative RT PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before arrival. People who have not been vaccinated or who have not recovered from the disease in the last six months arriving from other EU member states in the red scenario are to be quarantined for 10 days. If unvaccinated people or who have not recovered from the disease fails to produce a negative RT PCR test taken72 hours before arrival, they will be quarantined for 14 days,” Rafila told a news briefing.


Rafila: COVID-19 rules to be considered for winter holidays


Health Minister Alexandru Rafila said on Sunday that COVID-19 protection measures for the winter holidays will be taken by the government, adding that properly wearing the face masks will be mandatory in crowded spaces, regardless of the number of COVID-19 cases.

“The holiday protocols will be debated and adopted this week. If people want to party in the streets, which is natural for this period, our request to them is to understand that even if the number of cases is low or will be low during the winter holidays the proper use of the mask in crowded spaces, including during such parties, is absolutely mandatory. There will be extra pressure because of this new strain, Omicron, and I believe that everyone has a responsibility to protect not only themselves, but also those they come in contact with. (…) We do not recommend events with large numbers of people and crowds. We can’t talk about parties, but if that happens and the legal framework allows it, it must be done safely. The public should not believe that a low number means non-compliance with certain rules, but on the contrary, it means keeping the number of cases low and keeping life as close to normal as possible,” Rafila said at the Government House.

Asked about outdoor new year’s eve celebrations, Rafila replied: “We will discuss that, but there will be no stupid measures that will make it impossible to go home in time. (…) Rest assured that no measures will be introduced that cannot be complied with.”


Green certificates not to be required to attend religious services


Health Minister Alexandru Rafila denied on Sunday making the green certificate mandatory in Romania for attendance of religious services or processions.

“That was not discussed at Sunday’s meeting. I have publicly stated that using the green certificate for religious services was out of the question, which does not mean that we do not want support from churches to enforce the social distancing rules, the proper use of face masks and avoiding crowds where possible when services are organised. It is quite different, and I do not think it appropriate to speculate on the content of the meetings, which are by no means conflicting, but a means for debate and collaboration”, Rafila said at the Government House on Sunday.

The statements were made after a working meeting of Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca with the main officials responsible for the management of the COVID-19 pandemic amidst reports of the first two cases of the Omicron COVID variant in Romania.


Compiled from Agerpres

Photo: www.gov.ro


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