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March 30, 2023

IXFI launches the first platform facilitating transactions with over 500 virtual currencies

  • Cristian Andrei, Founder: “IXFI aims to become a complete alternative to traditional banking”
  • $5 million initial investment
  • Secure transactions with more than 500 virtual currencies and 1,000 combination variants
  • Launch of the first bank card in Romania that can be used for cryptocurrency purchases, in partnership with Visa
  • Passive income through affiliate programs and coin staking
  • Target: 1 million customers in 2022
  • Functions in development: cryptocurrency loans and passive income accounts

IXFI announces the launch of its newest cryptocurrency platform facilitating transactions with over 500 virtual currencies. The initial investment in the development of the platform is $5 million.

The IXFI platform provides secure transactions, high liquidity, zero hidden costs, ease of use but also the possibility to initially test the system with fictitious coins in the Playground area, functionality that is still under development. The Playground area, designed for beginners, also offers a system of points and rewards that can be used later in the main interface.

“IXFI offers a secure and easy-to-use ecosystem that makes trading easy even for the less experienced. The platform aims to offer new opportunities, independence but also the possibility to access facilities we all dreamed of. IXFI’s goal is to revolutionize the banking system, by soon developing the first card that can be used for cryptocurrency purchases, in partnership with Visa”, says Cristian Andrei, IXFI Founder and CEO.

The company was founded in 2021 by Cristian Andrei, CEO, Alexandru Bădoi, COO and Shailesh Rajbut, CTO, experienced entrepreneurs in the Romanian, Swiss and Indian markets.


Target: 1 million users in 2022 and the launch of the first bank card in Romania that can be used for shopping, with payment in cryptocurrencies


IXFI is the first company in Romania to develop a bank card that can be used to make payments directly in cryptocurrencies, all over the world. The IXFI card will be launched in 2022, in partnership with Visa and in February next year the mobile app will be available for both iOS and Android.

The platform aims to further develop innovative features such as the ability to borrow in cryptocurrencies using assets in your portfolio as collateral, as well as open an individual interest-bearing account.

IXFI also offers increased flexibility through the option to set up automated transactions based on data and reports that the company provides in real-time. Traders can choose between spot trading and crypto swaps, with the possibility to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card, in high-security conditions, with 24/7 customer service support. Another advantage is the possibility to use the platform without a digital wallet address, provided that both users register with the platform beforehand.

Similar to the bank interest model, IXFI offers a savings and passive income growth program where users have the chance to make cryptocurrency term deposits to increase their earnings. IXFI offers competitive APY rates for their cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins.

Currently, the most important transactions in the cryptocurrency market are too complex even for experienced traders, who thus encounter problems using the products. Adding to the challenges are high trading costs, lack liquidity and lack of adequate customer support.



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