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July 3, 2022

European Projects Minister Vilceanu : NRRP adopted and agreed with European Commission, cannot be amended at least not until 2023

The Government adopted on Friday an Emergency Ordinance regulating the institutional framework, financial flows and ways of verification for the use of funds allotted to Romania through the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience, the Ministry of Investments and European Projects ( MIPE)  announced in a release.

Minister of Investments and European Projects Dan Vilceanu declared on Friday that the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) cannot be amended, at least not until 2023, because it is adopted and agreed with the European Commission.

“I have been very clear so far, too: the NRRP is adopted, it is agreed with the Commission, all the documents are signed and from this point of view I do not see how it could be amended, at least until 2023, when certain adjustments are indeed allowed, in terms of investments,” replied Vilceanu, when asked if it is still possible to amend the PNRR, as the coalition partners from PSD [the Social Democratic party] claim.

Romania’s financing from the NRRP, next year, amounts to approximately 6.171 billion euros, access to which depends on the fulfillment of the conditionalities in the program. For 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, 45 targets or milestones are planned, of which 6 are already met, and the rest are underway.

Romania benefits from funds amounting to 29.2 billion euros, of which 14.24 billion euros are non-reimbursable financing, and 14.94 billion euros – a loan granted on advantageous terms, at the level of the European Commission’s costs.

The first tranche of pre-financing for the NRRP’s implementation, worth 1.85 billion euros, was paid to Romania earlier this month.

Vilceanu announced on Friday that the remaining 1.95 billion euros from the NRRP loan will come soon, stating that the loan agreement was signed on Friday morning.

Of the 29.2 billion euro, 14.24 represent non-refundable financing, while 14.94 billion euro – loans granted on advantageous terms, at the level of costs for the European Commission.


First sums that can be drawn for ANAF investment:  150 million euro earmarked in NRRP


The first sums that we can already draw from the first tranche of the National Plan for Resilience and Recovery  are for a reform done by the Finance Ministry, for the National Tax Administration Agency (ANAF), where 150 million euro are earmarked, said on Friday the Minister of European Investments and Projects, Dan Vilceanu.

He was asked if he could name a few of the projects that the first tranche of the NRRP advance that will receive money and when Romania will be able to use the 1.8 billion euro that were received already.

“This ordinance was necessary, we couldn’t use this advance money until we adopted the financial flows, because we had to regulate how the money is spent and which are the institutions that are making demarches to spend money and how they make that demarche. The first sums we can already draw on a reform done by the Finance Ministry, the ANAF. Linking cash registers, for example, is an investment, a reform for which we can already draw the first sums. There are 150 million euro earmarked in the PNRR (…) 150,000 cash registers of the approximately 600,000, so we can draw around 25 pct of the 150 million euro that we have in the PNRR,” mentioned Vilceanu, in a press briefing at the Victoria Palace.

He mentioned that demarches for these draws from the advance can be done fairly fast, after the normative act approved on Friday will be published in the Official Journal. Another example of where the money from the NRRP could go is the A3 highway.

“These demarches will be done as fast as possible, of course we are waiting for the normative act of today to be published in the Official Journal and I believe that we can draw some sums for the A3 highway. I don’t recall at this time what’s the value of the bills that the constructor drew up for A3, but I believe a week ago, a week and a half ago there were 150 million RON billed,” added the Minister of European Investments and Projects, according to Agerpres.


Photo: www.gov.ro

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