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June 30, 2022

PM Ciuca labels as unacceptable incident involving Senator Diana Sosoaca and a team o Italian journalists

The Italian ambassador asked Romanian government explanations for the Sosoaca scandal

The conflict that Senator Diana Sosoaca had with a team of Italian journalists stirs reactions in the peninsula, but also in Romania.

According to Rai News, the Italian ambassador to Romania Alfredo Durante Mangoni asked the Romanian government for immediate clarifications after the incident in Bucharest in which RAI journalist Lucia Goracci and her team were involved, on the one hand and Senator Diana Sosoaca, on the other.

After this incident, the Romanian Government also reacted.

“The Romanian government strongly condemns any attempt to intimidate journalists or obstruct citizens’ right to freedom of information. Freedom of expression, the right to an opinion and access to information are guarantees of a strengthened democracy and the rule of law. Prime Minister Nicolae-Ionel Ciuca considers this incident unacceptable and categorically rejects the manifestation of differences of opinion through violence. The Prime Minister of Romania is concerned about this case, which must be clarified as a matter of urgency by the relevant state institutions “, the Bucharest Executive  transmitted through a communiqué sent by the prime minister’s office.

The Italian press writes that journalist Lucia Goracci and her film crew were abducted in Romania after an interview with senator Diana Sosoaca, one of the most vehement voices anti-vaccine.  After the journalist asked her about the way the pandemic was managed in Romania and the conditions in the hospitals, Diana Sosoaca blocked the team in her office and called the police.

After the incident, Dumitru Silvestru Sosoaca, the husband of Senator Diana Sosoaca, is being prosecuted by the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Bucharest District 1 Court, under judicial control, for assault, as he is accused of hitting a police officer.

According to digi24.ro, Goracci was questioned and searched by police and the team was able to leave only after 8 hours, thanks to the intervention of the Italian embassy, ​​according to La Stampa.

The images broadcast by TG1 show the journalist who is blocked when she tries to get out of the senator’s law firm.

At the same time, the broadcast fragments show the intervention of the police officers who pushed each other with Diana Sosoaca’s husband.

At one point, journalist Lucia Goracci shouted at the police, saying, “You’re not protecting us! We are journalists! ” She stated in the criminal complaint filed at the 4th Police Station in Bucharest against Diana Sosoaca that the senator’s husband, Dumitru-Silvestru Sosoaca, bit her hand.

“We entered Mrs. Sosoaca’s law office and she greeted us with a smiling attitude, having several hazelnuts and pretzels on the table. When the filming began, I stood in the hallway and saw that her husband had brought a black bag to the office in which he said the dead were buried naked, after which I saw how he then took it to the kitchen.

“After that moment, Mrs. Sosoaca became nervous and aggressive. She enters the conflict and says that if the conditions she decides do not suit her, she can leave. At that moment, the RAI 1 team was preparing to leave. The team went out into the hall, but Mrs. Sosoaca appeared and closed the door, saying we were not going anywhere. She later told her husband to call the police after she started screaming, then another man entered the house “, says journalist Lucia Goracci, who points out that at that moment she ran up the stairs of the block.

About 10 minutes later, police arrived on the scene and the senator’s husband began pushing the Italian journalists. After that, Senator Diana Sosoaca’s husband ripped the mask off her face and hit her in the arm, after which he bit her hand.

“He bit my hand and then I went outside,” said journalist Lucia Goracci in the criminal complaint.


Sources: digi24.ro and Agerpres

Photo: www.gov.ro


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