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March 30, 2023

DefMin Dincu on tensions between Russia and Ukraine: War is a failure of politicians and of negotiations; we can stay calm, celebrate in peace during this period

National Defence Minister Vasile Dincu, referring to the tensions between Russia and Ukraine, said in Cluj on Friday, that war is a failure of negotiation and that the Romanians from Romania, but also those from Republic of Moldova, can stay calm during the holidays.

“War is a failure of politicians and of negotiations. Therefore, what we can say at the moment is that we are always ready, we are preparing, like any army, for all that is worse. But I would like to say during this period, when we are in the holiday zone, that, beyond a geostrategic situation that contains risks and dangers, we can stay calm, celebrate in peace during this period, because there is no threat that leads to, let’s say, major concern on the part of the population,” said Vasile Dincu.

He was asked, on the same topic, about the possible danger to which Romanians in the Republic of Moldova would be exposed.

“There is no danger in this regard. What you have seen lately and what may have seemed like a risk increase, so to speak, is the fact that NATO commands, the fact that politicians, including President Biden, have intensified the discussion, the negotiations with the Russian Federation, Russia being obviously a country where power and decision are concentrated and then in any political strategy one has to intensify the messages with those at the top, with those who could make decisions. It is a complex negotiation process, at this moment there are premises for the negotiations to go on and not to reach a political failure in the negotiations,” Vasile Dincu also said, according to Agerpres.


Smaller pensions of military, below 2,500 lei, to increase by 10pct, to eliminate imbalance


Minister of National Defence Vasile Dincu on Friday stated in Cluj that the pensions of the military below the 2,500 lei threshold will be increased by 10 per cent and that the laws that generated a series of imbalances in the military pensions system will be modified in Parliament.

“The pensions of the military will increase by 10 per cent, those that are below the 2,500 lei threshold that is, with this being one of the item in our governing programme. On the other hand, we have met with the representatives of several associations of pensioners and reserve military and we have already established an operational committee (…) in order to find, to succeed in Parliament to eliminate the imbalances in the pension system. For there are some imbalances generated by all kinds of laws made in a hurry by various political regimes, which have created huge imbalances,” said Vasile Dincu.

He added that the Ministry of Finance has made a promise that “this year,” depending on the collection, it will also pay some delayed amounts in the military pensions, which are due since 2016.

The Minister of National Defence participated on Friday, alongside the chief of the Defence Staff, General Daniel Petrescu, and the chief of the Land Forces Staff, Major General Iulian Berdila, in the handover ceremony of the Battle Flag to the 400th Support Battalion “Feleacu” and also in the self-assessment activity of the 4th Infantry Division “Germina,” at the headquarters of this division’s command in Cluj-Napoca.


Photo: Laurentiu Turoi, www.mapn.ro

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