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August 15, 2022

Passenger Locator Form mandatory upon entry into Romania as of today

All persons entering Romania starting on Monday have the obligation to fill in electronically, within 24 hours, the digital form for entering the country, through the plf.gov.ro application, or they will be sanctioned with a fine between 2,000 and 3,000 lei.

More than 14,000 people had generated such digital forms required on entry in the country, by Sunday evening, 6.00 pm, most of which forms were meant for the border crossing point at the “Henri Coanda” International Airport.

The spokesman of the General Inspectorate of the Border Police, Chief Commissioner Fabian Badila, and the spokesman of the Special Telecommunications Service, Lieutenant-Colonel Catalin Chirca, explained on Saturday the procedure related to the use of the digital form in Romania.

“The digital form needed when entering Romania can only be completed electronically from the plf.gov.ro application developed by the Special Telecommunications Service, based on the operational requirements established by the medical authorities,” Chirca said, according to Agerpres.

He said that the form contains mandatory fields regarding the identity of the person, the means of transport used to enter the country, the travel history of the last 14 days, the destination address and, if applicable, the data of the minors accompanying him or her.

He pointed out that the data should be filled in correctly because the application is connected to the state databases and will report any errors.

He also mentioned that the digital tool developed for the Ministry of Health and medical authorities supports the conduct of epidemiological investigations.

Chief Commissioner Fabian Badila explained the procedure at the border.

“The border police officer shall carry out the control formalities by automatically verifying traveler’s passport or identity card (…). The border police officer shall also verify the authenticity and validity of the green certificate. After reading this data automatically, in the Border Police’s application, within a few seconds, the policeman receives the confirmation of the existence or non-existence of the digital form for entering Romania. Depending on the result of the verification, the data are sent to the Public Health Directorate in order to take the necessary measures,” said Badila.

He specified that this document should not be printed, but is automatically read through the devices available to the Romanian Border Police.


Over 41,700 people have generated PLFs to enter Romania since launch of application


More than 41,700 people have generated digital forms to enter Romania since the launch of the application https://plf.gov.ro until Monday morning, at 10.00, according to data provided by the Special Telecommunications Service.

“The traffic at the border is in normal conditions, the maximum waiting time being 40 minutes in Nadlac II and Bors II border checkpoint,” informs a Strategic Communications Group release sent on Monday to AGERPRES.

Most people filled out forms for the following border checkpoints:


* “Henri Coanda” International Airport – 14,615


* Nadlac border checkpoint – 3,202


* “Avram Iancu” International Airport Cluj – 3,024


* Nadlac II border checkpoint – 2,460


* Bors border checkpoint – 2,442


Starting on Sunday, all persons arriving in Romania must complete the digital entry form (Passenger Locator Form – PLF). This document has been adopted by 18 EU countries.


Photo: Facebook/Departamentul pentru Romanii de Pretutindeni

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