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March 30, 2023

32 years since the anti-communist uprising in Bucharest. Events to commemorate the martyrs of the 1989 revolution in Romania . President Iohannis: It is a shame that 32 years after the Romanian Revolution, no one has paid for the victims of that terrible massacre

President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday, when the Romanians celebrate the Victory Day of the Romanian Revolution and Freedom, that finding the truth and punishing all those responsible for the “horrors” of December 1989 was an “unforgivable backlog” of the Romanian Justice.

“The recollection of the facts and the evocation of the heroes must be intertwined with the correct assumption of the past, which means, first of all, that justice needs to be done. Unfortunately, finding the truth and punishing all those responsible for the December 1989 horrors is an unforgivable backlog of Romanian justice. It is a shame that 32 years after the Romanian Revolution, no one has paid for the victims of that terrible massacre. The Romanian justice shouldn’t rest until all those who are guilty of the numerous deaths during the Revolution are identified and made to pay,” the President said in a message sent to AGERPRES by the Presidential Administration.

The head of state added that he will continue to defend the ideals of the Revolution and to campaign for a modern, strong and inclusive society.

“The free Romania for which our heroes were sacrificed is the country where fundamental human rights and freedoms reign, the place where justice is done by an independent and accountable justice before society and history,” Iohannis said.

According to him, December 1989 represents the “zero point of recent history” that fundamentally changed Romania’s destiny, but the victory against the dictatorship was paid “with the price of the blood of too many young people.”

“This is the day when I call on all Romanian citizens to honour the memory of the victims, to cherish their supreme sacrifice, and, at the same time, to reiterate our firm commitment to defending and protecting the rule of law, freedom, and fundamental rights,” he said.

He underscored that December 1989 opened the way for our country to democracy, allowed NATO integration, accession to the European Union, the conclusion of the Strategic Partnership with the United States, and the profile of Romania as a regional security provider.

“32 years ago, Romanians stood firm in the face of tanks and gunfire, driven by a single desire: the liberation of Romania from the dictatorship that brutally broke the democratic course of our country. The communist regime failed to annihilate the opposition of Romanians, to put consciences to sleep or kill hope! Many lived with the conviction that the horrors would end, there were brave people who acted and suffered for our country to regain its freedom,” added Klaus Iohannis.


Senate: Moment of silence for the martyrs of the December 1989 Revolution


The senators held a moment of silence on Wednesday for the martyrs of the Revolution of December 1989, at the proposal of the vice-president of the legislative forum, Nicolae Neagu, chair of the sitting.

“I beg you to allow me, in view of the events that took place 30 years ago, to have a moment of silence for the martyrs of the 1989 Revolution,” Neagu said.

Social Democratic Party (PSD) Senator Titus Corlatean stressed, in this context, that Parliament will have a special session dedicated to the Romanian Revolution on Thursday.

“Tomorrow, according to the decision of the joint Standing Bureaus, with all due respect, we have a special session of the two Houses of Parliament dedicated to the moment of the Romanian Revolution and to pay tribute to the memory of those who sacrificed for freedom. These lies about the refusal to hold a moment of silence, these are absolutely unacceptable issues, and we are at a time when, at some point, there will be a pay time for all these kinds of manipulations and lies. Tomorrow is the officially scheduled time through which the Romanian Parliament will mark the victory of the Romanian Revolution,” said Corlatean.


PM Ciuca: It’s 32 years since regaining freedom, thanks to those who in 1989 changed Romania’s destiny


The fact that today Romanians can freely express their opinions, that they can learn, work and travel anywhere in the world, that they can elect and be elected, that their fundamental freedoms are guaranteed is due to those who at the end of December 1989 took to the streets to change Romania’s destiny, Prime minister Nicolae Ciuca said, on Wednesday, in a message addressed to the 32nd anniversary of the victory of the Revolution in December 1989.

“Today we celebrate 32 years since we regained our freedom, through the open road to democracy and the regaining by the Romanians of their fundamental rights which had been violated in the four and a half decades of totalitarianism. The courage of those who overthrew the communist dictatorship in 1989 is found today in our membership in the North Atlantic Alliance and the European Union, which bring important benefits to Romanians and Romanian society,” Nicolae Ciuca said on Wednesday, at the beginning of the government meeting.


Compiled from Agerpres

Photo: www.gov.ro


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