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January 22, 2022

Parliament meets in solemn sitting devoted to the 1989 Romanian Revolution 32-year celebration

The Senate and the Chamber of Deputies organized on Thursday a solemn plenary session dedicated to the 32nd anniversary of the Romanian Revolution of December 1989.

The sitting began with the performance of the National Anthem and the MPs kept a moment of silence.

Senate President Florin Citu led the sitting.

MPs delivered speeches about the Romanian Revolution and paid homage to the memory of those who sacrificed themselves for freedom.

The senators kept, on Wednesday, in the plenary sitting, a moment of silence for the martyrs of the December 1989 Revolution, at the proposal of the vice-president of the legislative forum, Nicolae Neagu.

Social Democratic Party (PSD) Senator Titus Corlatean stressed in this context that Parliament will have a special session on Thursday dedicated to the 1989 Revolution.

“Tomorrow [Thursday], according to the decision of the joint Standing Bureaus, (…) we have a special session of the two Chambers of Parliament dedicated to the moment of the Romanian Revolution and to pay homage to the memory of those who sacrificed for freedom,” Corlatean said, according to Agerpres.

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