SeedBlink launches new platform capabilities for investors to build diversified portfolios for better average ROI

  • The fastest-growing crowd investing platform, with more than 9000 investors
  • New version of MyPortfolio brings easy and transparent investment tracking tools including new rounds updates for startup investors to make better data-driven decisions
  • Thesis definition is the first step for personalization and access to private deal rooms by expertise and thesis match
  • Pilot for liquidity enablement. An initial secondary market was launched using the market price per share as set by the pre-money valuation of the new round of investment

SeedBlink on Wednesday announced the launch of its Winter Product Release enhancing the investor experience with new tools to build and track a thesis-aligned investment portfolio.

Launched in early 2020, SeedBlink is the fastest-growing crowd investing platform, offering individual investors access to curated emerging European tech startups opportunities alongside reputable institutional investors at the same terms. SeedBlink stands for the freedom to select deal by deal and invest on the same terms as professional investors.

The platform aims to bring professional tools, insights, and the infrastructure to execute venture capital strategies for everyday and accredited investors. Upgrading MyPortfolio allows our investors a better view of their portfolios and gives our users the framework to enhance their diversification strategy“, said Adriana Iordan, Chief Product, and Marketing at SeedBlink.


My Portfolio – Thesis oriented portfolio insights


While the beta version was launched a year ago, the new version of MyPortfolio offers helpful features such as a better data structure that allows for a more transparent view of investors’ portfolios (costs, value, profit/loss trends, documents of their startups and quarterly reports), investment tracking (support for new rounds and follow-ons), and improved user experience.

What I like about the My Portfolio feature is that I can quickly and visually see how much I have invested, in which companies, and what updates those companies have released, so I can easily check how my investment portfolio is performing,” says Dragos Nicolaescu, one of SeedBlink’s early investors.


Thesis definition – personalized investment strategy


The investor profile includes additional information to define their investment preferences, the communication and engagement they want within the community and with their peer shareholders of the startups they have invested in. It also includes the risk rating criteria and guidance under the EU regulation to protect them.

More control to build your portfolio


Notable updates can be seen in the investment opportunity information (standardization and improved structure, contextual insights into round details such as pre-money valuation, price per share, lead investor details, founding team profiles). A new automation tool has been implemented for optimizing the communication and operational workload on investments, keeping users updated on progress. This was built in partnership with portfolio Alumnus Plant an App.


Enabling liquidity – a pilot secondary market


Even though we are still at the first chapter, in less than two years since launch, we have helped our investors to exercise the preemption rights (follow-ons) in companies that got to the next level. SeedBlink is running its first pilot to bring liquidity for the SPV shareholders of a company closing its Series A – a first secondary market.

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