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HealthMin Rafila: Authorizations for two innovative COVID antiviral drugs to be released on Wednesday

Minister of Health Alexandru Rafila announced that the authorizations for special needs will be issued on Wednesday in the case of two innovative antiviral drugs for the treatment of COVID patients.

“Yesterday [Tuesday, ed.n.], the infectious diseases committee, after multiple meetings, finalized an estimate of the need for antiviral medication. Today, we are already issuing special needs authorizations for the two innovative drugs available. They will benefit at-risk patients with co-morbidities, who, in the case of infection, will receive these antiviral drugs after the onset of the disease. Of course, they are not necessary for all infected people. Antiviral medication should be used with caution and only after a certain investigative algorithm, aimed at patients who can receive it, because antiviral medication is a medication with a significant degree of toxicity and the patient should be assessed beforehand, so that this type of medication can be administered to him/her,” the minister told a news conference at Victoria Palace of Government.


Interactive map featuring the outpatient assessment centres for COVID patients will become available next week


The Minister of Health, Alexandru Rafila, stated that next week an interactive map featuring the outpatient assessment centres for COVID patients will become available.

The map is also to include all testing centers, as the relevant contracts are signed by family doctors.

The Health Ministry recalled that on Tuesday he had a conference with the representatives of the public health directorates and the hospitals which can ensure medical assistance for COVID patients, but also for non-COVID patients that suffer from chronic diseases.

“We already identified a list of 160 outpatient assessment centres for patients with medium severity, probably, of the disease. But we will quickly come up with the criteria regarding the types of patients we will direct to these centers, at the national level. I believe this list will be completed and next week an interactive map with all these centers will be available, so that people know where they can go, on one hand. This interactive map will also include, as the family doctors sign the contracts, all testing centers which will become operational at the level of family medicine offices,” showed the minister, during a press conference at the Victoria Palace of Government.

Rafila said that the Health Ministry has already done all that was possible to ensure the increase of access to testing, mentioning that an emergency ordinance was approved in this sense.

“We have already completed with the National Health Insurance House the form of the contract which will allow the fast payment of testing-related services to family doctors. They will come as an addendum to the vaccination [contract] for family doctors who vaccinate, or a separate one, if the family doctors do not opt for the vaccination service,” said the minister.


There is no imposition of use of expensive face masks


Minister of Health Alexandru Rafila declared on Wednesday that “there is no imposition” of the use of expensive protective masks, specifying that medical surgical masks and FFP2 masks are recommended, given that cloth masks are inefficient.

“There is no imposition of the use of expensive masks. I have seen that, despite my statements and those of other members of the Government, they have been taken a little strangely. The mask I am wearing is the three-layered, medical mask, it isn’t a special one, it is the one recommended. Whoever wants to can also use other types of face masks, like the FFP2 ones, with better filtration. There is no imposition, only the transition from cloth masks, which, given that this disease is transmitted through aerosols, have limited effectiveness or are ineffective altogether, towards uniformity of use, although I believe that it is probably used by the vast majority of citizens (…). So it is clear that these medical masks, which are not expensive at the moment, I think they are affordable, are much more useful, because they are an effective barrier to transmission. I don’t think it’s a restriction, because it is being presented as a restriction, it’s just a limited period of time for the use of these masks where there is overcrowding or there is activity that involves interactions with other people,” said minister Rafila, after the Government meeting.

Asked if there will be sanctions for those who do not comply with this measure, he replied that there could be discussions in this respect.


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