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May 17, 2022

Vegis.ro: 5 million natural and organic products sold in 10 years. How healthy Romanians live and what budget they allocate for this  

Vegis.ro, an online store with natural and organic products, marks 10 years on the market exceeding the threshold of 5 million delivered products. The average order has increased since 2012 by almost 40%, reaching 160 lei, with an average of 8 products/shopping cart. The most active customers are Romanians aged between 25 and 45, who order mainly organic food and cosmetics.

Over 320,000 customers, 680,000 orders and 5 million products – are briefly the figures recorded by Vegis.ro  after 10 years on the Romanian market of natural and organic products. Manuka honey remains, the most ordered product, followed by organic food, organic spices, vitamins, and organic cosmetics.

10 years ago, the market was considered almost inaccessible. Vegis.ro had a portfolio of 600 listed products, but the demand had already appeared in this niche, so in the first year it registered 7,500 orders. 5 years ago, most people considered these products to be rather exclusive choices, but they became accessible to a growing category of customers, and Vegis.ro has exceeded the threshold of 125,000 orders.

10 years after its launch, the online store delivered almost 700,000 orders, and the most active days were Black Friday in 2020 and 2021, respectively, when more than 3,500 orders were registered. Currently, Vegis.ro has a portfolio of 10,000 products. There is also an evolution in the average shopping cart. 10 years ago, it was 125 lei, 5 years ago it had reached 143 lei, and now it is, on average, 160 lei, and the average number of products is 8.


Changes in consumer behaviour


Beyond the evolution of orders or the shopping cart, the biggest evolution is observed in the consumption behaviour of Romanians. The perception has been really changed – and in an accelerated way – by the pandemic. Organic and natural products are a must when you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and certain categories of customers – such as parents – include them in their regular shopping.

We notice an increasingly obvious customer orientation towards quality, well-known brands, diversity in the shopping cart. This was partly as Romanians invested less in travel, going out, and other types of purchases, focusing more on health. However, although the pandemic has passed, and many Romanians have resumed their lifestyle, the preference for healthy, natural foods is maintained, a sign that the change is profound, said Mihai Bucuroiu, general manager, and founder of Vegis.ro.

Today, the Vegis.ro client is represented in a proportion of 35% by men and 65% by women. 45% of customers are between 25 and 45 years old, and most orders come from Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, and Brasov. Over 80% of orders are made from mobile. By comparison, at the launch of Vegis.ro, only 5% of them were placed on mobile devices, and in 2017 the percentage had reached 50%.

According to a survey conducted by Vegis.ro, the monthly budget allocated for maintaining a healthy lifestyle varies between a few tens of lei, for 15% of respondents and reaches up to several hundred lei. While 23% state that they invest over 500 lei per month for food and healthy activities, 44% allocate between 100 and 300 lei.


Top products ordered on Vegis.ro in the period 2012-2022


  1. Manuka honey
  2. BIO Cinnamon
  3. Boswellia (Incense) Capsules
  4. BIO green barley powder
  5. Antioxidant
  6. Spirulina BIO powder
  7. Vitamin C capsules
  8. Quercetin capsules
  9. Collagen and hyaluronic acid capsules
  10. Baking soda shampoo


Turnover & market evolution


The first year of Vegis.ro ended with a turnover of 142,000 euros, and after 5 years it had increased almost 10 times, ie 1.38 million euros. 2021 ended with a turnover of 3.8 million euros. For 2022, Vegis.ro estimates a 20% increase, based on investments made in 2021, which include a better shopping experience and an increase in the supply of products and stocks by 35%, along with partnerships with established brands on the market. profile.

The market is constantly growing. At European level, the organic food market alone has been valued at € 54 billion in 2021. In Romania, we are still shy, but the growth is constant and continuous. After 10 years, we can say that Romanians are starting to see natural and organic products as a necessity, and in another 10 years they will be seen as normal. Our estimates show that the Romanian market will double by 2032, including due to the increase in the number of players in this segment, Mihai Bucuroiu also specified.


About Vegis.ro


Vegis.ro is the largest online store of natural products in Romania. Founded at the beginning of 2012, Vegis.ro has been selling natural products, organic or vegan, for almost 10 years, for those interested in a healthy lifestyle and nutrition based on organic and natural products.

From its headquarters in Brașov, Vegis.ro delivers healthy products throughout the country, within 24-48 hours of order confirmation. Each product that enters the stock of Vegis.ro is accompanied by an invoice and a declaration of conformity of the quality of the products. The company is ecologically certified, thus ensuring that the products, working, and storage procedures comply with applicable Community and national regulations.

Also, Vegis.ro is the only site in Romania certified by the world’s largest manufacturer of Solgar supplements with the RO111 license, granted for the high standards of professionalism offered to its customers.

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