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May 21, 2022

AUR’s Simion says no act of violence was committed when he entered Timisoara City Hall

Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR) co-chairman and MP George Simion said on Friday that no acts of violence had been committed when he entered Timisoara City Hall, noting that there was “no local policeman or other authority” to ask him anything.

“What Dominic Fritz [the mayor of Timisoara – ed.n.] said is a blatant lie. Those people were not brought by bus, we have nothing to do with the New Right, which had a protest half an hour later. (…) No act of violence was committed, we entered the Timisoara City Hall without any local policeman or any other authority coming to ask us anything. Neither a certificate nor what we want,” Simion told the press.

He added that only when he reached the first floor of the institution was he questioned by a person who did not recommend himself and to whom he told the purpose of the visit – to obtain a meeting for a person who had failed to do so for a month and a half.

On Friday, AUR leader George Simion posted a video on Facebook showing him entering the Timisoara City Hall along with dozens of people chanting “Hei, Fritz, nu uita, Timisoara nu-i a ta!” (Hey, Fritz, don’t forget, Timisoara is not yours!). Simion managed to get into the building after saying that he had found two more closed doors.

“I have come with Mr Banciu, who is the representative of the Revolution Memorial and whom I want you to grant audience. He is a revolutionary, he fought for our freedom and you do not grant him audience. Who is granting us audience today? This is how the Fritz administration deals with the citizens and with those whose people were killed or survived the Revolution,” Simion told city hall employees.

Later, in a statement in the streets, the AUR leader claimed that Dominic Fritz would illegally hold the position of mayor.

“I came across a pupil of Mr Klaus Iohannis. Him being PNL [National Liberal Party], came to campaign for Dominic Fritz, parachuted here in Timisoara from Germany, without a permanent resident visa. This man is illegally holding the position of mayor and the entire country must know it. We don’t want other parachuted or their ilk,” Simion said.

Also on Friday, Timisoara Mayor Dominic Fritz (USR) said that “a gang of members and supporters of AUR, led by George Simion”, illegally entered the mayor’s office “by physical force”, in order to create “chaos and panic in the institution and among the people of Timisoara” who were in the building.

The mayor accused the Gendarmerie and the Local Police of witnessing this act of violence “impotently.”

The Romanian Gendarmerie said in a press statement that it has no security duties for the Timisoara City Hall and that “the gendarmes in the City Hall area acted immediately after being notified.”


Ciolos: AUR’s hooliganism would not exist if authorities did not allow it to break the law


Save Romania Union (USR) national chairman Dacian Ciolos says the Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR) have displayed “hooliganism,” accusing the public authorities of allowing the AUR representatives to break the law.

“From Diana Sosoaca, whom no one had the courage to ask why she was not wearing a mask while an entire country had to do it, to the assault on Parliament a few weeks ago and today’s entry by force and aggression into the building of the Timisoara City Hall, all this is allowed and supported by the state authorities,” Ciolos wrote on Facebook.

He called on law enforcement to do their duty and take seriously what he calls slippages from the rules of a functioning society. According to him, the “extremist movement” in Romania is not one born of an ideology supported by society.



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