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May 22, 2022

PSD’s Ciolacu: I believe Romania needs the current governing coalition

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu said on Thursday that Romania needs the current governing coalition and that the coalition parties must communicate and keep going along so that “the Romanians can start trusting the government again.”

“I believe that Romania needs this coalition, the Romanians’ expectations from us are completely different, they don’t want squabbles and disagreements, and we need to enter a communication and functioning pattern so that the Romanians can start trusting the government again. Replacing a government is easy, but regaining the Romanians’ confidence is very hard. (…) It seems to me that we are not yet out of the logic the coalition with USR has functioned by and that they should calibrate their rhetoric to a normal coalition,” Ciolacu said at the Palace of Parliament when asked how he sees the future of the coalition after the Social Democratic Party and the National Liberal Party taking swipes at each other recently.

He added that there is no dissatisfaction over the ruling coalition within the PSD. “Tomorrow we will attempt passing an ordinance, we’ll see the draft proposed by the Ministry of Energy for the measures aimed at easing the Romanians’ bills to be implemented as soon as possible and set some predictability starting with April 1. I stand by my opinion that the energy price must be regulated,” Ciolacu said, according to Agerpres.


I urgently request coalition meeting,  PSD is not responsible for the past


Ciolacu reacted on Wednesday evening to the accusations of National Liberal Party (PNL) First Vice Chairman Rares Bogdan, announcing that he is requesting the organization of a coalition meeting urgently.

“I understand that Rares Bogdan put his handkerchief on the crystal ball and saw that the coalition would break in a year. Let’s end his suffering! I am urgently calling for a coalition meeting tomorrow, because the PSD is not responsible for the past and has come to power to build for the people. The PNL remained trapped in the Save Romania Union (USR) coalition paradigm when they were fighting with the toy tanks on the carpet. Romanians have other expectations! PSD will remain the main party focused on the real problems of the Romanians in this government!,” Ciolacu wrote on Facebook.

Rares Bogdan criticized his governing partners on Wednesday.

“If after a year we see that this effort, which has brought us image disservice, is not be appreciated, leads to nothing and the government falters, the great reforms stagnate, the European money is still delayed, then it is absolutely legitimate to try to find a formula because it means that this formula, after a year, was done completely in vain. I hope that we will not have this situation and after a year the people who blamed us will understand that we have done this for this country to have a stable government,” Rares Bogdan said on Digi 24.

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