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Public transport strike continues, Bucharest Tribunal orders cessation of the work conflict establishing it was illegal

The Bucharest Tribunal on Friday ordered the cessation of the strike of the employees of the Bucharest Transport Company (STB), establishing that it was illegal.

The justices also decided that the activity must be resumed immediately.

The decision of the tribunal is enforceable.


Prosecutors open criminal investigation into public transport strike


Prosecutors with Prosecutor’s Office of the Bucharest District 3 Courthouse have opened a criminal investigation into a strike by employees of the Bucharest Transport Company (STB).

Prosecutor’s Office officials told AGERPRES that a criminal probe was opened in rem into the strike called by organisers in violation of Article 191 in Law 62/2011.

The investigation was launched on a notification received from the Public Transport Police Brigade.

On Thursday morning, the public transport drivers of Bucharest City went on an all-out strike, dissatisfied with the fact that their demands for a wage increase were not met.

On the same day, the Bucharest Tribunal ordered the suspension of the strike, but the protest of the trade unionists continued into the next day.

STB head Adrian Crit said Friday that there are currently only three vehicles in transit, and continued to call on employees to understand the situation of the people of Bucharest, asking them to resume work.

STB announced on Thursday evening that the staff involved in the protest refused to resume work, although the court ordered the suspension of the strike, and there is a possibility that this strike will continue on Friday.

“Following the decision of the Bucharest Tribunal under which the court orders the suspension of the strike started at the Bucharest Transport Company STB SA and the immediate resumption of work, the company’s employees are under an obligation to respect the decision of the court and to resume transit as scheduled. Checks carried out so far have found that the employees involved in this illegal strike that immobilised the capital today are refusing to resume work. It is possible that this strike will continue tomorrow, as the union leaders put pressure on STB SA employees not to carry out their duties. Disregarding the needs of the Bucharest residents in the metropolitan area and knowingly ignoring a court decision can lead to criminal charges for the staff involved in this action,” STB officials said on Thursday.

Chairman of the Bucharest Transporters’ Union Vasile Petrariu said on Thursday that the first step for the resumption of work by the employees of the Bucharest Transport Company (STB) is the dismissal of the general manager of the company, which is still supported by the unionists.

“This conflict can be resolved instantly if those who appointed him director general, I mean PNL [National Liberal Party] takes up this responsibility and dismiss him, ie the STB Board of Directors (…). This is the first step by which we can move things forward in our relation and talks leading to the resumption of work. As a first step, that would be the solution. The STB vehicles will get back in transit when the general manager leaves. Public transport will resume only when the leadership changes, that is clear,” Petrariu said on Thursday.

The STB management filed two lawsuits in court on Thursday requesting the suspension of the unionists’ strike as well as finding the protest illegal.


Bucharest City Mayor requests Prosecutors’ speed up measures against STB strike organizers


The General Mayor of Bucharest, Nicusor Dan, requested on Friday the Prosecutor’s Office speed up measures taken against the persons who organized the strike at the Bucharest Transport Company (STB).

In a press conference at the Bucharest City Hall, the mayor mentioned that there was, on Friday afternoon, “an attempt” at dialogue between the leadership of the Bucharest Transport Company and the representative union, but mentioned that the latter does not present “real claims” previously presented by employees, such as the necessity of parts, vehicle maintenance, comfort of drivers and operators at the end of the lines.

Furthermore, the General Mayor reiterated the request addressed to the Social Democratic Party (PSD) for the latter to announce if it supports “an illegal strike” or if it delineates from union leader Vasile Petrariu, who obtained a mandate as a City councilor on the lists of the Social Democratic Party.


PNL’s Citu suggests PSD chair discuss with STB union leader who is PSD member


The leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Florin Citu, said, on Friday, in Alba Iulia, when asked about the possible solutions regarding the Bucharest Transport Company (STB) strike and whether what is happening there is a political situation, that the union leader is a member of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and “if it’s political, it must be solved politically.”

Citu added that the PSD chair, Marcel Ciolacu, could tell the STB union leader to “leave the protest for a while” so Bucharesters don’t suffer.

“I don’t know the details very well, but if it’s political, then it must be solved politically. I don’t know if it’s political, I know the union leader is a PSD member, maybe he should have a discussion with chair Marcel Ciolacu, to have a discussion, because ultimately Bucharesters suffer. And I should find a compromise, let’s see, I’m the man who will always tell you that dialogue solves every problem, if he can help and tell him to leave the protest for a period so Bucharesters don’t suffer, it would be good. I think we can find solutions,” said Florin Citu.

The PNL chair also stated, when asked if he intends to initiate discussions with the PSD leader on the topic of the STB strike, that such discussions should first take place with the STB leadership.


AUR supports demands of STB strikers, asks for resignations of Nicusor Dan and Adrian Crit


The Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR) announces that it supports the demands of the Bucharest Transport Company (STB) strikers and asks for the resignation of Bucharest General Mayor Nicusor Dan, and of the general director of STB, Adrian Crit.

A delegation from AUR, which included vice-president Marius Lulea, deputy Adrian Axinia and Dragos Geamana, AUR Bucharest coordinator, met on Friday with the leaders of the STB strikers.

According to an AUR press release, the strikers’ representatives claim that out of the more than 11,000 STB employees, only about 4,000 are drivers, mechanics, electricians while the rest of the employees are part of an “oversized civil servant apparatus”.

According to AUR, the main grievances are as follows:

– Establishing a multi-annual plan for the purchase of new vehicles and spare parts, given that “about 30% of the current fleet is unusable”, with many vehicles over 1 million km on board;

– Indexing wages in relation to inflation;

– The resignation of the people in the STB leadership “who accused the workers of theft”, without presenting any evidence.

“People who work for STBs, that is, those who actually work, not the office management, simply want normalcy. Observance of the legal provisions regarding the salary rights, observance of the technical norms of the operation and maintenance of the means of public transport and normal working conditions. We are with them and with all the employees in Romania who are fighting for their legal rights,” said deputy George Simion, AUR co-chair.

Claudiu Tarziu, the other AUR co-chair demanded the resignation of the STB director “who accused the strikers of theft, in order to distract people from the legitimate demands” of the people.

“At the same time, we demand the resignation of Nicusor Dan, the mayor of Bucharest. You can’t just not show concern in advance, not periodically evaluate the situation of some companies under the Capital City Hall, such as STB, so as never to end up in the situation where hundreds of thousands of Bucharest residents cannot use public transport,” the senator specified, according to Agerpres.


Photo: Facebook/Societatea de Transport Bucuresti

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