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May 19, 2022

PM Ciuca: The fight against pandemic in the last two years has been a test of endurance, this period highlighted the unity of Romanians

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said on Monday that the fight against the pandemic in the last two years has been a “test of endurance” and that, as in all the turning points of national history, this period highlighted “the unity of Romanians and the power to act for a better future of society”.

“We are celebrating today the first important step taken for the establishment of the Romanian national unitary state, the Union of the Principalities, 163 years ago. The historic act of January 24, 1859 was the fruit of the tireless efforts of the political elite of the time, who enjoyed the understanding that the Romanians from Moldavia and Wallachia showed for the need for modernization. The reforming vision of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza bequeathed us an example of unity, of personal sacrifice for the achievement of a national goal, that of bringing the Romanians together. The legend of Prince Cuza’s ocaua [oka, Turkish term, unit of mass and weight for both liquids and solids used in the Romanian countries East and South of the Carpathians, equivalent to approximately one and a quarter litre/one and a half kilogram – ed.n.] is still a symbol of equality and justice, reminding us of the role that the state must play in protecting the weak from abuse,” reads the message sent by the prime minister for the celebration of the Day of the Unification of the Romanian Principalities, also known as Little Union Day.

According to the prime minister, through the Little Union, the Romanians expressed “the need for unity, but also the desire to move forward on the administrative, economic and social levels, equally.”

“The desideratum remained the same for all future generations, regardless of the nature of the challenges they faced, and generated major changes in our society. Through tenacity and unity, Romanians were able to prepare, then, the Greater Union, modernizing, building institutions and democratic, cultural, economic and financial mechanisms, strengthening the army that would fight for independence and maintaining statehood. Our progress, achieved through the understanding of the historical chance to be part of a modern world in which prosperity, peace and democratic values are assumed and guaranteed, need, today as they did back then, recognition and protection,” added Nicolae Ciuca, according to Agerpres.

He referred in his message to the current challenges facing Romania.

“Today, we remain on the same line of unity of all Romanians, but also of progress and well-being. The current situation requires responsibility both at the level of those who lead the country and at the level of our entire society. Romania’s major challenges are now to overcome the health crisis, to support the economy through substantial investments, the debureaucratization of public institutions and digitalization, through the correct, transparent and efficient management of the state budget and funds that our country has received or will receive through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and through the European financing programmes. All of these involve reforms that we have undertaken through the Government Program and which, I, as Prime Minister, support with full responsibility,” said the head of the Executive.

He went on to say that the past two years “have been a test of endurance for all of us in a constant battle with a ruthless enemy: the pandemic.”

“As in all the turning points of national history, this period also highlighted the unity of Romanians and the power to act for a better future of our society. Health, along with solving the energy crisis remain at the forefront of our concerns, as we do not want the current situation to endanger people’s lives, social development and economic stability,” he added.

Nicolae Ciucă also mentioned the role of the Government for our country’s path.

“Today, a day with profound historical significance for us Romanians, is a good opportunity to bow our heads in memory of the sacrifice of our forefathers, but also to mobilize, to change things for the better and to transform Romania into a a democratic and prosperous country in which the state is at the service of the citizen and the law is applied to all equally. This year, the institution of the Government celebrates its 160th anniversary. Initiator of laws, having an essential role in the implementation of public policies, the Executive consolidates Romania’s path as a strong state attached to European and Euro-Atlantic values. Like the Governement established 160 years ago, my mission as prime minister and that of the government team I lead is to provide Romania with the path to modernization and development,” the premier affirmed.

At the end of his message, Nicolae Ciuca calls for unity and solidarity.

“Together we have gone through the most difficult moments in history, we have fought in countless wars, we have defeated the ruthless diseases and we have overthrown totalitarian systems. Each time, we have done it together and together we will also succeed now! Unity, solidarity, care and respect for our fellow human beings are the landmarks that will guide us further. Let us join hands and, hopefully, overcome all problems and be united for the future of Romanians and Romania!,” concluded Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca.

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