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May 22, 2022

PM Ciuca: Gov’t to approve new set of measures in the field of electricity, natural gas

The government will approve, on Tuesday, a new set of support measures in the field of electricity and natural gas, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca informs.

“At today’s government meeting, we are going to approve a new set of measures to support the citizens and the economy, so that we can contribute to maintaining jobs and carrying out economic activities in a competitive manner. Thus, no one will pay more than 0.8 bani per kilowatt/hour for electricity and 0.31 bani per kilowatt/hour for natural gas, regardless of consumption. Household consumers with a consumption of up to 500 kW/hour electricity or 300 cubic metres of natural gas will pay 0.68 bani per kW/hour for electricity and approx. 0.22 bani for natural gas, all taxes included. We have also decided to raise the level of compensation to easy as much pressure as possible during this energy crisis, so that the effects of the crisis will be felt as little as possible by the people and by the Romanian economy, which needs now, more than ever, support to recover after the pandemic,” Nicolae Ciuca explained at the beginning of the meeting.

He also presented the measures aimed at non-household consumers.

“For non-household consumers, SMEs and the food industry, we will cap prices at 1 leu per kW/hour, VAT included, and 0.37 bani kW/hour for natural gas, respectively,” he said.

The Prime Minister mentioned that a state aid scheme is already active for CETs.

The head of government also referred to the measures that benefit large energy consumers.

“As we know, 130 million euros were allocated in December last year for their support. At the level of the Ministry of Energy, they are currently discussing with the representatives of the European Commission to continue with this form of support,” added Ciuca.

The Prime Minister underscored that the new set of measures worked out by the Government will be applied for February and March, after consultations both at the level of the governing coalition and with the social partners.


PNL’s Citu: Gov’t to fast pass draft energy ordinance if found constitutional


National chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Florin Citu said on Tuesday that if the Ministry of Justice issues a favourable opinion on the draft ordinance on energy regulations, the ordinance will pass at the government’s meeting the same day.

“There is a discussion about what happens after this ordinance expires, whether we move on with a regulation for six months or a year, both options that will have to be discussed with the European Commission. And so we have suggested that we can extend the capping and offsetting of energy prices. So, the ordinance that the government will issue today will be extended throughout summer. Of course, these are decisions that the government has to make, but I will recommend them to the prime minister if we do not have the time or do not have a decision from the commission. (…) The ordinance being extended throughout summer depends on what happens and what we want to do from April 1. There are talks underway, but the ordinance will be issued today (…),” Citu said at the Senate on Tuesday.

He said that no one inside PNL is opposed to the energy bills being offset in January as well, “but the question is whether you can do something retroactively.”

“It all hinges on the opinion of the Ministry of Justice, but we [PNL] are endorsing it. We have always agreed. Let the Ministry of Justice rule on this draft ordinance; if it is constitutional, it will certainly pass at the government’s meeting today,” added Citu.

The PNL leader pointed out that an investment plan has to be discussed that ensures Romania’s energy security by 2026.


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