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May 22, 2022

Find out the history of your rides – Uber celebrates Personal Data Privacy Day

From the technology that accompanies us every day we expect security on many levels, including privacy protection. Ensuring the greatest possible control over the visibility of personal data is a top priority for Uber. Uber Data Privacy Center is an in-app hub, located in the settings menu of the Uber Rider and Driver, allowing users to manage personal data and learn about the history of app use since first login. 

Whether using an app for dating, banking, streaming, or ordering a pizza, we expect maximum security from any service provider in terms of respecting our privacy and protecting our data. The importance of taking care of users’ trust is reminded on the Personal Data Privacy Day, celebrated on 28 January. For Uber, it is an opportunity not only to educate about privacy, but also to take action to pursue its mission of being a trusted steward of users’ personal data in every market where it operates.


Let’s relive it 


“But talking about principles isn’t enough: you need to bring them to life. Uber has demonstrated our commitment to and leadership in data privacy by releasing a series of privacy and data security features to help users understand and control how we use their data,” the company shows in a release issued on Friday.

These settings can be found directly in Uber’s new Privacy Center, available by logging into your profile via the Uber website, or during a trip by tapping the „Shield” icon. Using this tool, users can not only see exactly how many rides they’ve taken or meals they’ve ordered, but also easily check and understand how their data is being used to deliver the service.


The Privacy Center includes:


  • Privacy Overview, which describes Uber’s approach to collecting and using personal data, answers users’ most frequent questions regarding our data practices, and provides graphics that show how Uber uses each of the types of data that it collects.
  • Download Your Data, which allows users to download a copy of personal information that we collect or create when they use our services.
  • Explore Your Data, which provides a summary of each user’s use of Uber apps, including how long they’ve been an Uber user, number of trips and orders, rating, and account profile information.
  • View as Driver, which shows riders the information seen by their drivers so they can be confident that Uber is sharing only what is necessary to enable their ride.
  • View What Powers Your Experience, which shows riders how Uber uses their data to enable each step in their trips.
  • Personalized Ads and Data Settings, which allow users to choose how Uber uses their data for targeted advertising and analytics.

“A summary of your Uber app usage can be checked both directly on the site and downloaded as an extended report and raw data.

And that’s just the beginning! As Uber continues to be an industry leader in privacy innovation, new and expanded features and information to the Privacy Center will be added,” the company also informs.


Privacy – every day and on holidays


For many years, Uber has been working to improve its solutions and set new security standards for the entire industry. In the Center of Excellence in Krakow, which has been operating since 2016, a team of dedicated consultants takes care of security – both of users and their data – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Employees at the Center handle a wide range of requests: from minor issues such as a lost item, to questions about missing masks, to incidents on the road.

The data of the application’s users is under strict control and access to it is granted in specific situations, such as supporting the activities of the police and law enforcement services, and only upon formal request. A dedicated team called LERT is responsible for liaising with these authorities. At the request of the services, the company provides the necessary data needed to investigate an incident such as an accident or other crime. In a pandemic, these activities have been extended to include cooperation with sanitary authorities to help counter the spread of COVID-19.

For Uber, data security is important all year round. We invite you to celebrate Data Privacy Day and visit your personal Uber Privacy Center, the  press release issued by the company informs.


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