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May 21, 2022

TBI Bank offers Romanians best in market solutions to preserve their savings by increasing all the deposit rates

Many Romanians are witnessing rising inflation rates resulting in a steady increase in prices for gas, utilities, food, housing and home goods. Considering the challenges customers face in preserving their savings, TBI Bank kicks off the year with increased interest rates on all its deposits in lei.

As customers seek better and more efficient mid and long-term savings options to fight inflation, TBI Bank offers a wide range of maturities (up to 36 months) with top interest rates available both online and offline. The bank’s flagship product is a 36-month online deposit with 5.5% fixed annual interest rate and represents one of the best value propositions on the market.

For years, TBI Bank has established its name on the Romanian market as one of the best providers of saving products and with this brand-new proposal strengthens its position. TBI Bank wants to become the preferred place for customers’ savings and beside great interest rates, offers 0 fees for online or offline (in the branches) account opening, administration, and depositing or withdrawal of money in cash from all deposits at maturity.

Customers can easily renew their deposit at maturity if they opt from the beginning for automatic renewal and capitalization of interest, for their convenience. Moreover, Romanians can still earn 1% interest even if they need their savings before maturity and choose an early termination of the deposit if there are some unexpected necessities.

“Being one of the most profitable banks in the SEE, TBI has consistently offered one of the best deposit rates and 2022 will be no exception. Our goal is to become the preferred place for Romanian’ savings through offering good returns, a variety of simple and flexible products combined with excellent customer service. Now, Romanians can further trust that indeed we offer the best value propositions on the deposit market”, says Lukas Tursa, SVP Funding.

TBI Bank can offer its highly competitive interest rates on savings not only because of its high profitability but also because of its streamlined operations brought by choosing a more cost efficient digital path that enables the bank to share its cost savings with the customers.


About TBI Bank


TBI Bank is an inclusive lender focusing on consumers, merchants, and SMEs by providing financing and additional embedded services through a wide network of ‘phygital’ channels and platforms. Currently operates in Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Lithuania and Greece. TBI Bank is part of 4finance, one of Europe’s largest digital consumer lending groups. Through various digital channels, an own network of 300 physical locations and trusted partnerships with nearly 13,000 small and large merchants and retailers, TBI has a customer portfolio of 2 million clients in 2021 and issued nearly 500,000 loans. Its successful business model and customer-focused approach resulted in becoming one of South-Еastern Europe’s most profitable and efficient banks.


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