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August 10, 2022

Presidents of the two Chambers outraged by the idea that someone from outside dictate what is being done on Romanian soil

Chamber Speaker: Romania has a strategic partnership with the United States of America, it is not subordinated to Russia

Romania has a strategic partnership with the United States of America, and our country’s approach to the tensions on the Ukrainian border is the right one, Chamber of Deputies Speaker Marcel Ciolacu declared on Wednesday when asked in Parliament to comment on the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin that NATO forces should leave Romania and Bulgaria.

“I know that Romania has a strategic partnership with the U.S., so I think I made myself very clear. I don’t remember us having such an agreement with Russia or being subordinated to Russia, for someone to dictate us what to do on Romanian soil.”

In Speaker Ciolacu’s opinion, Romania’s approach, in its capacity as a NATO member, is the correct one.

“I think this is the right approach to what is happening now, on diplomatic avenues. I also saw the public statements made by the Foreign Minister, the President, and the Defense Minister. This is the correct approach, I don’t think Romania should come out with statements to escalate this conflict. But we are NATO members, we have a strategic partnership with the U.S. and this bears no discussion,” he said.

Asked how he comments on President Iohannis’s position in this context, Ciolacu replied that “he is not a foreign affairs expert to grade the President of Romania”.

“I have seen some very clear decisions from the President of the United States and the President of France, with whom again we have a strategic partnership, to send troops to Romania, and it’s not just these two forces,” he added.


Senate President: Romania is independent in regards to establishing the country’s defence strategy


Senate President Florin Citu believes that Russia’s demand for a withdrawal of the shield in Deveselu has “no basis”, Romania being independent in regards to establishing the country’s defence strategy.

“In what regards the defence strategy of Romania, it is independent. I don’t believe it’s normal for another country to issue opinions about what Romania is doing and how Romania is defending itself, especially because it’s about investments to protect the sovereignty and integrity of Romania. This is our business, I don’t believe it’s anyone else’s business how we invest our money and how we make our defence strategy,” said Citu, on Wednesday, at the Senate.

According to the Senate President, NATO has addressed invitations to Russia to visit its bases.

“There were invitations on the part of NATO to visit the bases since forever. Never have these invitations been honored. Only we are interested in how we make this strategy. It’s nobody’s business how Romania conducts its defence and of which associations, treaties it wants to be a member,” Citu added.

Referring to the request to withdraw the shield in Deveselu. Citu said: “It has no basis. It is based on nothing and it is not Russia’s business how Romania conducts its defence.”


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