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August 11, 2022

Wellbeing programs, trainings, and mentoring sessions for Endava employees

The company continues to invest in the local market and to support local communities through events dedicated to technology enthusiasts


Endava, the British software company that has a local market presence with 10 Delivery Units, will continue to focus on training programs for employees in 2022 and initiatives to ensure their wellbeing at work. In addition, the company will continue to be active in local communities, by taking part in events with collaborators from the tech industry, offering career opportunities for juniors, but also through partnerships with various NGOs.


Resolutions for 2022


At the start of every year, most of the us draw up new plans to achieve our goals and to enjoy a successful year. Companies are no exception to this tradition. Therefore, in 2022, Endava is coming up with a series of plans to ensure the growth and development of its people. The company will continue to focus on employee’s wellbeing, but also on expanding to new markets and industries and attracting new talents.

Lately, more and more people are starting to focus on things that help them find a certain comfort and security. Employee wellbeing remains a priority for Endava in 2022 as well, by continuing the Endava Wellbeing program offering employees sessions and masterclasses through which they can learn more about emotional intelligence, managing emotions, meditation, building positive and healthy relationships etc.

At Endava, the professional development of people is one of the main pillars of strategy. Employees are encouraged to participate in technical trainings, delivered both inside the company by their colleagues and by external trainers. By following such courses, they manage to increase their area of expertise and to contribute directly to the development of the business. A notable thing is that each employee can choose the type and the number of trainings he wants to follow according to his career path and discussions with the career coach. From the very first day in the company, employees are assigned a senior colleague, with whom they set their career goals and decide the steps they must follow in order to achieve them. Employees are also encouraged to become part of internal technical communities, groups designed to deepen and exchange information about various technologies, areas, or work practices.

“The concern for the work-life balance and wellbeing of employees remains a priority for Endava this year as well,” said Monica Daliu (photo), Regional Head of People Development, Recruitment & Communications. “We will continue to provide our employees with access to learning and development programs, both professionally and personally, an area synchronized to the hybrid work model we adopted in September 2021. The company’s growth strategy also includes a new component to support talented young people, IT specialists passionate about innovation, technology and continuous development, which is why we want to be as present in the community as possible, through various partnerships, events and programs that aim to support the development of the industry.”

Another key point will be the investment in the community. In the upcoming period, Endava is planning several events for technology and innovation enthusiasts, where specialists from various fields will discuss their projects, challenges and how they managed to overcome them. As per usual, all these learning opportunities will be free of charge. In addition, Endava will continue to be actively involved in communities in which it operates, supporting sectors such as education or initiatives with an impact on the environment.

Moreover, Endava has always wanted to contribute to the development of the community, mainly through programs for those who are at the beginning of their IT career. The company will continue to offer programs such as School for…, Graduate Programs or Internships for students, graduates or individuals looking for professional retraining. Registrations for these programs have already begun in several locations across the country such as Brasov, Bucharest, Iasi, and Cluj. The participants will benefit from a learning period by integrating theory and practice, being constantly supported by experienced mentors within the company.

A building bridge to the community is represented by educational initiatives in partnership with universities – a tradition of the company that happens for many years, which will continue this year through courses organized by Endava professionals, supporting the work of student associations, mentoring and career guidance programs.


2021 Retrospective: The Defining Moments


Present for over 20 years on the Romanian market, Endava marked in 2021 a series of key moments.

An important moment was the permanent transition to the hybrid working model. The company opted for this model, not only in response to the current pandemic context, but especially because the employees addressed that they would like to have more flexibility and be able to work either from home or from the office.

In November, Endava announced the expansion of the business operations in three other locations in Romania: Craiova, Suceava and Sibiu and opening several job opportunities for the tech community, targeting software developers, testers, application management engineers, data experts, support services employees, analysts, project managers, and software architects.

At the end of the year, the company crossed the threshold of 10.000 employees worldwide. Over 5.000 employees are located in Central Europe (Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania), working for various clients in payments, financial services, TMT (Technology, Media, and Telecom) or logistics. One of the biggest software companies in Romania and among the most desired IT employers, Endava is continuously expanding its team.

Beyond these achievements, Endava continued to offer professional and personal development opportunities for employees through the Endava Wellbeing program, learning contexts for the external community through events such as European TechTalks or to support humanitarian causes through partnerships with NGOs in the sector of education, health, or the environment.

“For us, 2021 has brought important changes in the way we work. Our employees told us that they wanted more flexibility, so we changed the direction of the workflows, as well as our office in Bucharest, to meet their needs. So, we have switched to a hybrid way of working, which ensures both working remotely or from the office, as well as interaction with the team when it is needed. From the perspective of our business, last year we were happy to announce the expansion of our regional presence and the passing of 10.000 employees globally, as a result of the increase in demand for our services. Our development is a recognition of the quality of the services we offer to our clients and of the lasting relationships we build within each project”, said Claudiu Constantinescu, Regional Director, Central Europe, Endava.


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