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August 15, 2022

Dacian Ciolos stepping down as USR national chairman; Catalin Drula becomes interim chairman of the party

On Monday, Dacian Ciolos announced he was stepping down as the national chairman of the Save Romania Union (USR).

The announcement was made at a meeting of the USR National Bureau, political sources told AGERPRES.

The decision comes after on Monday, at another meeting of the National Bureau, the project advertised by Dacian Ciolos designed to change the structure and functioning of the party, was rejected by a 14 to 11 vote.

USR leader Dacian Ciolos will hold a press conference on Monday, at 6.00 pm, at the party’s headquarters in Kiseleff boulevard no. 55.


Project proposed by Dacian Ciolos rejected by National Bureau of USR, 11-14


The project proposed by USR (Save Romania Union) leader Dacian Ciolos, meant to change the structure and functioning of the party, was rejected on Monday by the National Bureau.

Political sources told AGERPRES that the project garnered 11 votes in favour and 14 against.

“Although the statute does not require a vote on the project, the leader insisted on it. Modifications were also sent. Some were accepted, some were not accepted. From the majority’s point of view the essential ones have been rejected by leader Ciolos. The project was rejected, 11 to 14,” said the sources.

USR Deputy Chairman Dan Barna on Thursday said that the party’s leader, Dacian Ciolos, had proposed a series of changes regarding the party’s structure and functioning, stating that if the National Bureau did not vote on this programme, he would give up his mandate.

However, a day later, USR leader Dacian Ciolos announced in a Facebook post that it was time for the party to support alternative leaders and that Vice President Dan Barna should take “a real step back” and give himself the time he needed “to rebuild himself” politically.


USR’s Mosteanu: Catalin Drula becomes interim leader of USR


Catalin Drula will ensure the interim leadership of USR (Save Romania Union), after Dacian Ciolos resigned from his position as leader, the party’s spokesman, Ionut Mosteanu, informed on Monday.

“A short meeting of the National Bureau has just ended. Dacian Ciolos will make statements at 6.00 pm, when he will give more details related to his decision. Catalin Drula will become the interim chairman of the party – as he is the deputy chairman who received the most votes at the congress of the party. It’s a difficult time for the party and I am sorry that we got here so quickly after last year’s congress and the election of the chairman. I trust the wisdom of my colleagues. It is important at this time to stay united. The party still has a lot to say,” he told Antena 3 private television broadcaster.

The USR spokesperson mentioned that Dacian Ciolos will remain in the party.

“Dacian Ciolos remains in the party. He has done a lot for the Romanian politics, for European politics and he will certainly do a lot in the future. (…) Dacian Ciolos confirmed this to us, that he will make efforts to keep the party united and I have confidence in this. (…) Dacian Ciolos has given up his chairman mandate. He even said that he will stay in the party and asked his colleagues to stay united,” the USR representative said.

Mosteanu also stated that the date of the next congress, for the election of the new chairman, is not yet known.

According to him, the proposal made by Dacian Ciolos regarding the establishment of committees to include civil society representatives was not in line with the provisions of the current statute.

“No names have been proposed and not even the detailed way of setting up these committees. (…) This proposal exceeds the statutory basis according to which USR operates. In USR, decisions are made by the statutory bodies: National Bureau, Political Committee, Congress. I have not for a second rejected the consultation with the civil society and sectoral specialists (…), but the decisions will be made by the statutory forums. (…) If you formalize such a committee, outside the party, when it makes some proposals and the party rejects them, it is already creating a big problem and a great animosity,” he showed, according to Agerpres.


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