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August 8, 2022

Secretary of State Pistol announces amendments regarding PLF: Fines drop, completion times increases

The secretary of state of the Ministry of Health, Adriana Pistol, announced on Friday a series of amendments to be included in the ordinance regarding the Passenger Location Form (PLF), namely the maximum term for passengers that had to fill out the form before entering the country has gone up to 72 hours, as opposed to 24 hours, and the minimum fine for not respecting the term of filing out the PLF after entering the country has dropped by 500 RON.

“Regarding the Passenger Location Form. Here we brought a few amendments to the initial emergency ordinance. There was a term of 24 hours necessary to fill out this form before entering the country. This term has gone up to 72 hours. Basically, anyone who arrives in Romania can fill out this form 72 hours prior, and of course, 24 hours after crossing the border”, Adriana Pistol declared during a press conference.

Another amendment brought to the ordinance refers to the professional categories that no longer need to fill out the LPF every time they cross the border, but only once.

“A few exceptions were introduced regarding certain professional categories, which by the nature of their job have to cross the Romanian border much too frequently in order to fill out the form every time. (…) This is about pilots, train mechanics, cargo transporters, people who work in neighboring states, who cross the border once a day, navigators, medical staff. These professional categories are obliged to only sign this form once, declaring their affiliation to the except professional category, must cancel their first form and to apply the provisions of the ordinance just like the other persons”, the state secretary specified.

Adriana Pistol also announced that the storage period of personal data from the PLF has gone up to 6 months, because a need could arise of proving to one person, or to the authorities, that this form has been filled out, in the event in which there would be legal disputes regarding fines.

“There was also a reduction of the minimum quantum of fines for those that did not fill out the form 24 hours after entering the country, in the sense of reducing from 1,000 RON to 500 RON”, Adriana Pistol mentioned.

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