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August 18, 2022

Simple motion against Energy Minister debated in plenary session. Chamber sitting suspended after incident between energy minister, AUR leader

The simple motion submitted by Save Romania Union (USR) against the Minister of Energy, Virgil Popescu, will be debated in plenary session on Monday, and will be put to the vote on Wednesday.

Last Tuesday, USR filed a simple motion titled “Incompetence and lies shut down the light in Romania. Minister ‘next week’ Virgil Popescu, a danger for Romania’s energy security”.

According to USR, Minister Popescu “endangers” Romania’s energy security every day and must leave this position immediately.

The signatories of the motion claim that the current Minister of Energy was given the “chance” to reform the energy system and put his shoulder to the consolidation of Romania’s energy security, but “the same disaster and the same combinations have continued for the last 31 years”, Agerpres informs.

At the same time, USR describes as “a disaster” the management of the energy bill crisis, mentioning that Romanians have ended up paying “huge” sums, and people and the economy are suffering due to some “bad” decisions made by Minister Virgil Popescu.

“The greatest danger to Romania’s energy security comes from Virgil Popescu. The figures and facts say everything about his catastrophic tenure at the helm of the Ministry of Energy: managing the energy bill crisis is a disaster; 25 percent of the installed power in Romania’s electricity generation capacities has been shut down; gas imports reached almost 30 percent of total national consumption; the offshore law, which would have given the prospect of starting investments in the exploitation of Black Sea gas, is still blocked; Romania has become a net importer of electricity importer between 2019 and 2021; new investments in the energy system are blocked due to delays and legislative blockages also generated by Virgil Popescu; more than 10 billion euros from the Modernization Fund lie unused due to incompetence; sinecure offices for party leadership in state-owned energy companies has flourished more than anywhere else,” the signatories of the simple motion further maintain.


Chamber sitting debating simple motion, suspended after incident between energy minister, AUR leader


Monday’s plenary sitting of the Chamber of Deputies debating the Save Romania Union (USR) simple motion was suspended, after the speech of the Minister of Energy, Virgil Popescu, was interrupted by George Simion, leader of Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR), who went and took Popescu by the arm, having an exchange of remarks with him.

During Minister Popescu’s speech, George Simion shouted from the hall.

“I am asking Mr. Simion to go to Putin to lower the price of gas,” Popescu told Simion.

In reply, he came to the rostrum and called Popescu a ‘thief’.

The sitting was adjourned for a short time, after which the chairman of the sitting, Daniel Suciu, said that it was unprecedented for a minister to be physically assaulted during the speech in Parliament and suspended the sitting.

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