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August 8, 2022

Former USR chairman Ciolos believes party should have a congress this summer

Former USR (Save Romania Union) leader Dacian Ciolos said on Tuesday that a congress should be held as soon as possible to change the statute and elect a new party leader.

Ciolos, who resigned on Monday from the position of USR chair, after he failed to have his project meant for the modernization of the party adopted by the National Bureau, voiced hope that, in exchange, the National Bureau would organize a congress by summer.

“I believe that a congress, as soon as possible, would be welcome, for it would help us clarify some things. And I’m talking now both about the internal organization and functioning of the party and the prerequisites for overcoming this type of dichotomies. For we should stop talking about Barna’s side and Ciolos’s side, the former PLUS, the former USR. If we succeed to do this by summer, my opinion is that, as I know the party right now, by fall, at the latest, we would be able to be the opposition that we all want to be, a real opposition, as Catalin Drula would say, which should be done not only by a few leaders at the central level, but in the territory, too. If we do not succeed in making things clear and giving confidence to the members of the party, real confidence, they we are going to step into the next electoral year as a weak party,” Ciolos told Digi FM private television broadcaster.

The former USR (Save Romania Union) chair maintained that the “artificial” maintenance of a “dichotomy” Dan Barna – Dacian Ciolos is a “false track” that hurt the party. Dacian Ciolos recalled that he proposed to Dan Barna in the summer of 2021 that both of them gave up the idea of running for the top position in the party. On the other hand, he claimed that the majority team in the National Bureau “leaves little room for real dialogue.”

He said that there is a compatibility of ideas and vision between the USR members, but “there is still work to be done” regarding the internal organization of the party. In his view, the USR will “find it very difficult” to convince the electorate if it is not coherent internally.

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