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August 8, 2022

Bucharest has a great reason to jump for joy: Cyberjump, the Trampoline Park Romania will literarily jump on, is set to open his first location in capital city, assisted by CBRE

CBRE, the global leader of real estate consultancy market, secured for The 11 Entertainment Group, the owner of Cyberjump concept, their very first location in Romania, in a high traffic and family destination retail center located in the Eastern part of Bucharest that in couple of months will include among its variety of amenities like stores, restaurants, green spaces & events a new and unique place where the adrenaline & fun will combine into an explosive mix.

Cyberjump Bucharest Trampoline Park will bring an area of 2300 square meters of real fun to those who are looking for active recreation: 15 types of games will be available for different age groups aiming to offer an unforgettable experience to anyone.

Cyberjump is the CEE’s current biggest trampoline parks owner, and we are excited to launch what will be Romania’s newest amusement concept aiming to entertain 500.000 visitors per year. Bucharest is an important step towards our 2025 target of 20+ trampoline parks business in major cities of Central and Eastern Europe, but moreover a strategic entrance in the 2nd largest population country of the CEE region. We love to entertain and it’s about time for Romania to have modern and proper spaces of recreation.stated Polona Peunik, Business Development Manager of The 11 Entertainment Group.

It may happen that “trampoline tracks”, “ninja warrior” or “sponge pool” would sound hectic for you, but it’s exactly what Cyberjump games will get you experience: restless fun and frenetic laughs. The trampoline park will have a multi-activity scope and is expected to attract especially young families with children aged 8-20 and teenagers, but toddlers & kids will benefit from sections specially adapted for them, whilst adults are more than welcome. After all, everybody wants to fly, and in the Cyberjump Park for example, an airbag is combined with a trampoline and a platform that allows you to enjoy the true experience of flying without any risks, and this is just one of their multiple games.

What was designed in the first place to stand alone in an independent space of Bucharest, benefits now from an outstanding indoor position in a high traffic area on account of CBRE Romania’s retail team, who understood the potential of properly introducing on the local market this unique active recreation concept.

The market analysis, scouting, feasibility study and selection process has been conducted by Cristina-Maura Toros, Senior Retail Consultant of CBRE Romania, and identifying the retail center as the ideal spot came after a 20+ months process right in the retail storm generated by the pandemic period.

Starting with this collaboration, CBRE Romania was appointed Cyberjumps single point of contact for several countries: Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Poland, underlying the expansion strategy of The 11 Entertainment Group’s

Having the exclusive mandates for 7 countries in Central & Eastern Europe enables us to concentrate on profitable expansion of Cyberjump exciting concept throughout entire region, and it is an inherent strategic decision of our client premised on the received added value. In Romania, we’re set to jump on the next concept destinations in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi, Constanta, Brasov, as we all know by heart how big is the lack of urban active recreation concepts and how eager are Romanian for quality time”, explained Cristina-Maura Toros, Senior Retail Consultant of CBRE Romania A&T Service.

The official opening of the first Cyberjump trampoline park in Romania is announced for the Q2-Q3 of 2022, a press release issued by CBRE informs.



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