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August 10, 2022

MApN: First convoy with US military equipment to arrive in Bucharest Thursday night to Friday

A truck platooning with US military equipment will arrive in Bucharest around 1.00, on Thursday night to Friday, shows a press release of the Ministry of National Defense (MApN).

The Ministry of National Defense specifies that the trailers with military equipment will form two separate convoys. The first convoy, of approximately 18 trailers, left central Sibiu, around 10.45, for southern Ramnicu Valcea.

Persons operating these vehicles must rest for 9 hours, in accordance with European transport rules, which provide for mandatory rest periods for drivers. They will leave from Ramnicu Valcea at approximately 22.00, Thursday evening.

Also, the route through Bucharest is provided on A1, North Beltway, A2, and the estimated time for the first convoy to arrive in Bucharest is 1.00, on Friday morning.

The Ministry of National Defense conveys that, according to estimates, the first convoy can reach southeastern military base Mihail Kogalniceanu on Friday, between 5 and 6 in the morning.

The second column will move from western Nadlac on Friday, during the morning, on the same route. Most likely, the second convoy will reach Mihail Kogalniceanu on Friday night.

The first elements of military equipment of the US detachment, to be called the Cougar Task Force (TF), entered Romania on Wednesday evening, at the Nadlac I border crossing point, Arad County. The vehicles in the convoy, accompanied by special vehicles of the Military Police, travel on the route Arad – Deva – Sibiu – Ramnicu Valcea – Pitesti – Bucharest – Mihail Kogalniceanu, according to the Ministry of National Defense.

The representatives of the ministry specify that, the Military Police will order measures to ensure the traffic flow and to inform the drivers on the possible road restrictions.

TF Cougar will be made up mainly of military with the 2nd Squadron/2nd Cavalry Regiment, who will operate with Stryker armored personnel carriers, to which will be added soldiers with other specialties from the regiment’s battalions (artillery, genius, structures support etc).

The Pentagon announced last week that 1,000 US troops would be repositioned from Germany to Romania, Agerpres informs.


Photo: Facebook/Ministerul Apararii Nationale

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