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August 15, 2022

Nicu Sebe leads the Humans.ai Artificial Intelligence department

He  is a professor in Computer Science at the University of Trento, Italy, where he led the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science

Humans.ai, the Romanian deep-tech startup announces the hiring of Prof. Dr. Nicu Sebe as Head of AI. With 20 years of experience in computer vision, machine learning and multimedia, Nicu Sebe is one of the leaders of the community being past chair at the main conferences in the industry such as ECCV, ICCV, ACM Multimedia, ICPR.

The Romanian professor is also well known for designing a computer software that deciphered Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile, revealing that it was 83 percent happy, 9 percent disgusted, 6 percent fearful and 2 percent angry. He has also published numerous articles

Nicu Sebe is currently leading the research in the areas of multimedia information retrieval and human-computer interaction in computer vision applications at the University of Trento, Italy and has joined the Humans.ai project using his extensive knowledge and research experience in leading the company’s AI department and innovation strategy.

“What is probably missing in general for AI research is the fact that there is a gap between what we are doing at the moment and what the potential is, let’s say, towards applying what we do in society, community and so on. This is increasingly reducing at the moment because many academic researchers are also involved now with startups, companies and so on. It’s becoming more and more common to have joint positions between universities and research labs. For me, joining Humans.ai was exactly in this direction, being able to put together some of the methods that we are developing as researchers, let’s say like toys if you want and to put them into real life and to try to see if we can address the needs of real customers,“ said Prof Dr. Nicu Sebe.

“At Humans.ai, we are taking the technology out of the academic sphere and directing it into something useful to society,“ he added.

Helping build the Humans.ai all-in-one platform for AI-based creation and applications, Nicu Sebe oversees the AI Advisory Board, using the expertise of the advisory board members to help identify the main research/entrepreneurial area to focus on. He is responsible for identifying potential team leaders and managers that would be in charge of having close contact with the researchers, developers, and integrators. Moreover, at Humans.ai, Nicu manages the AI development launch, creating an environment that can seamlessly “translate” to and from different modalities, e.g., text, audio/speech, image, video. He coordinates the creation of modules that can easily be combined and replaced according to different applications and user requirements.

The Humans.ai team is building the next-generation blockchain platform that brings together an ecosystem of stakeholders around the use of AI to create at scale. It combines a library of AI tools into a creative studio suite where users will be able to pick and choose as they bring their ideas to life. Individuals are empowered to create and own their digital likenesses, which may be used by themselves and others in the creation of any number of digital assets. The synthetic media, AI apps, and other digital assets utilize blockchain technology to generate Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as a way of creating transparency, provenance, accountability, and long-term governance.


About Humans.ai


Humans.ai is a Web 3.0 company that brings together an ecosystem of stakeholders around the use of AI to create at scale. Introducing the first framework for ethical AI and blockchain, Humans.ai is creating an all-in-one platform for AI-based creation and governance. The native token of the Humans.ai ecosystem, the $HEART token, empowers users to participate in the governance of the platform and facilitates key flows of value within it.


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