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August 13, 2022

Family Minister Firea: Treatment for women’s fertility procedures discounted up to 4,500 euro

The Minister for Family, Youth and Equal Chances, Gabriela Firea, presented, on Sunday, a draft that provides the discounting of fertility procedures for women between 20 and 45 years old, to a value of up to 4,500 euro.

“I published on the Family Ministry website a package of documents that regards the discounting of fertility procedures in clinics in Romania – in state hospitals and private clinics. They regard the program that I have proposed when I was General Mayor [of Bucharest] and that functions still at this time in Bucharest, even if reduced. We discounted 1,000 procedures per year, now it’s partially discounted, only 100 per year, and following this program, a chance for infertile couples, 500 children were born in Bucharest and 100 pregnancies are ongoing,” said Gabriela Firea, in a press conference.

She explained that the program is addressed to couples, but single women can benefit from it as well.

“We extend, thus, this project, from Bucharest to the entire country. It is addressed to women between 20 and 45. The difference is that, until now, only women up to the age of 40 could access this program. The discounted sum is 4,500 euro, RON equivalent – the maximum sum, because prices differ, slightly, from one county to another,” Gabriela Firea mentioned, according to Agerpres.

The minister added that the conditions and criteria were also discussed with Health Minister Alexandru Rafila who encourages very much all measures that lead to increasing natality.

“For couples that have the issue of infertility we come with this direct, targeted, assumed program by which the state, through the Family Ministry and the Health Ministry discounts, practically, both the treatment, the monitoring, and the procedure. Throughout the procedure, the woman needs several days off from her job – between 7 and 10 days. It’s what specialists told us and, also, the organizations and foundations that worked with us on the project,” said Firea.

She also presented two other projects referring to genetic testing for breast cancer, with a 3,500 euro support for discounting tests, as well as evaluation of the risk of breast cancer, as well as recommendation of personalized preventions strategies, discounting of genetic tests, of 2,500 RON.


Photo: Facebook/Gabriela Firea

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