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August 11, 2022

Exploratist: 1 milion euros revenue in 2021

  • 100% projects took place online & hybrid
  • 2022, the year of retention in companies: employer branding & internal communication programs become a priority


Exploratist, the first employee experience agency in Romania, founded 11 years ago, ends 2021 with a turnover of over 1 million euros, a threshold that marks the return above the pre-pandemic level (2019). The business vertical that generated the highest turnover – 50% – was the digital corporate events segment. The organization continues its growth strategy in 2022 due to investments in technology made, of 100,000 euros, the entire Exploratist portfolio being reconfigured for the online environment.

The positive dynamics of financial performance, which has been on an increasing trend since the middle of the previous year, came due to the need for companies to maintain a continuous and efficient communication with employees, to recognize their merits through unique, focused experiences, and to reposition itself from the perspective of employer branding. An important contribution in the market context also had the opportunity to deliver complex online and hybrid experiences, with atypical, interactive formats. In fact, 100% of the experiences delivered by Exploratist previous year, regardless of whether they come from corporate events, internal communication programs, employer branding or the learning & development area, took place online and hybrid.

 ” Despite signs appeared in the second quarter of the year of a return to offline interaction, 2021 has consolidated as a year of online experiences for employees. Unfortunately, the pandemic waves 4 and 5 made face-to-face interactions only remain at the level of intention. However, the online experiences have brought great benefits, the focus being on the fast, authentic communication needs of people and on creative and innovative formats”, said Silviu Andrei Petran, managing director Exploratist.


Internal communication and employer branding projects – 45% of turnover


Exploratist strategy is built on four business verticals: digital events, internal communication, employer branding and learning & development. In 2021, in a new market context, Exploratist intensified the team’s adoption of technology through investment and reskilling to provide companies with the best employee experience solutions in a new context such as the pandemic.

2021 revenue is divided on the four strategic verticals, as follows: digital corporate events (50%), internal communication (30%), internal and external employer branding (15%) and learning & development (5%). The most active clients were IT&C companies (40%), financial sector companies (30%) and FMCG (30%).

” Our strategy covers several verticals with the goal of increasing the level of engagement of employees in organizations and to provide them with a unique and quality experience that will inspire them and increase their satisfaction throughout their journey in the company. We differentiate ourselves on the market through customized experiences, creative and innovative solutions and an integrated approach, focused on interaction”, added Silviu Andrei Petran.


2022: Companies focus on employee retention


As a result of the epidemiological context and the shift of social interaction online, in early 2021, Exploratist launched Digital Stage, a suite of solutions for digital corporate events. More than 35 events have been organized on this platform so far, with over 20,000 people participating in over 500 hours of live streaming.

In 2021, internal communication programs – over 60 projects – were increasingly requested by clients, because through elements of information, dialogue, well-being, and team engagement, they strategically respond to a well-identified need for employee engagement in organization

As a trend brought about by the pandemic, employer branding has become an area of ​​corporate competition, manifested more vehemently than external corporate business communication.

If 2021 was the year of resignations, there is said that 2022 will be the year of retention. According to international studies, budgets for employer branding initiatives and recruitment strategies have increased by more than 10% compared to 2020. The most attractive employers worldwide have reviewed or are considering reviewing EVP (Employee Value Proposition, n.n), in a percentage of 70%. Our implementing employer branding programs cover many areas, such as refreshing employer brand positioning and EVP, including through alignment with group concepts, innovative recruitment campaigns, induction process and experiential onboarding, digitized on gamification according to needs, through which the new colleague gets acquainted with the corporate culture of the company and, finally, integrates faster in the organization “, said Silviu Andrei Petran.

 Exploratist’s top priority in 2022 remains adapting programs and solutions to the needs of organizations, customized to the current context of online, hybrid or offline work, and continuing to invest in technology. In the context of trends, Exploratist estimates that the number of internal communication and employer branding projects will exceed the number of corporate events, generating 50% of the company’s turnover

” Our strategy is agile and allows us to quickly adapt our portfolio of experiences and initiatives to ever-changing contexts. In Q2 2020 our entire portfolio was moved to the online environment, and in 2021 we gradually included hybrid elements in customer-built formats. 2022 is shaping up as a year of hybrid initiatives, with a tendency to return to pre-pandemic normalcy, but the differentiation in the market will be made by creative projects, which manage to keep employees engaged and create affinity for the company, “concluded Silviu Andrei Petran.




Exploratist is a local employee experience agency that delivers integrated HR, marketing and digital services and products designed to cover all stages of employees in an organization, from onboarding and L&D to internal communication, events and engagement programs.

In 2021, Exploratist marked 10 years of activity, the organization’s portfolio so far gathering over 100 customers, multinational and entrepreneurial companies in Romania and abroad, 150 employee experience solutions, 700 implemented projects and over 100,000 beneficiaries.

Exploratist has been bringing people closer to each other and to the culture of organizations for 10 years. People first. Everyday.

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