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August 17, 2022

In 2021, Roca X has doubled the number and value of its transactions, has tripled its capital, and has become Romania’s first EuVECA

In 2021, ROCA X has doubled the number and value of its transactions: it invested EUR 3.5 million in 7 new start-ups and had 10 follow-on rounds.

These successes come with a three-fold increase of its available capital, from 4 to 12 million EUR, and the EuVECA registration, which allows ROCA X’s management team to manage venture capital funds throughout the European Union. The start of 2022 was just as promising, with ROCA X’s largest transaction, where the VC contributed EUR 900,000 to accelerate the US market adoption of BunnyShell.

“We exceeded our estimates in 2021. All we have achieved – from the capital increase, the expansion of our portfolio, and carrying out the follow-on rounds, are proof of the performances of the ROCA X team and of the success of our selection principles and vision. It is also proof that the tech market continues to be one of the most attractive sectors for capital placements. Moreover, through our premiere EuVECA registration and through our openness to the “light” regimen, successfully developed by ASF, we have contributed to achieving a new development stage for the Romanian start-up ecosystem, which is now encouraging the appearance of investment micro-funds, both in technology, and in other domains”, said Alexandru Bogdan, ROCA X CEO.

These were ROCA X’s investments in 2021: IFactor, MocApp, Bonapp.eco, Benefito Mobile, AgUnity, Teleport, SuperOkey, and in 2022 BunnyShell, a Romanian start-up specializing in developing technologies for cloud infrastructure management.

At the same time, a large part of ROCA X’s energy was directed towards follow-on financing, whose beneficiaries were a wide part of the start-ups in the portfolio, including: Kinderpedia, Code of Talent, Frisbo, Miluu, Medicai, Xvision etc.

“In 2022, ROCA X will continue its vision to contribute capital, know-how, and mentorship to disruptive ideas and scalable products on an international level. Naturally, within the development cycle of this type of business, we will also focus our attention on what the future may look like for ROCA X continued Alexandru Bogdan, ROCA X CEO.

From its launch and up to now, the ROCA X team have supported a total of 25 start-ups, of which 10 have already been validated by receiving a superior financing round to continue their development. All these start-ups have received ROCA X’s support in multiple areas, from vision or strategic business decisions, strategic planning and management, consultancy in increasing operational efficiency, to examples of best practices in their internal processes, in fields such as legal, human resources, and external communication. Start-ups also receive access to the Impetum Group ecosystem, an entrepreneurial ecosystem which brings together people, ideas, know-how, passion, and resources, in order to maximize value at each stage of a business.


About ROCA X – For dreams too big to be built alone


ROCA X is a venture capital of EUR 12 million, with full private financing, investing in new disruptive tech start-ups in the Pre-Seed and Seed stages. In December 2021, ROCA X’s management team became Romania’s first EuVECA Alternative Investment Fund Manager, which will allow it to manage venture capital funds throughout the European Union, functioning under the European Union Regulation on European venture capital funds.

ROCA X is a company of Impetum Group, the Romanian group formed by the reunion of the 3 brands: CITR, ROCA, and ROCA X, dedicated to maximizing business value in any stage of a company’s life.



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