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August 17, 2022

First Bank launches FREEDOM, the deposit with a competitive interest rate of 3.50% in branches and a bonus of 0.15% in Video Banking

First Bank is launching the FREEDOM deposit, a savings product with an annual interest rate of 3.50% for a five-month set-up period. The interest rate for this deposit has an additional bonus of 0.15% for the establishment through the Video Banking platform.

The offer is dedicated exclusively to individuals, which establish deposits in RON using new funds[1] and is available in two forms:

  • the FREEDOM deposit, established in First Bank branches, with an interest rate of 3.50% per year,
  • the FREEDOM DIGITAL deposit, established through the Video Banking platform, with a bonus of 0.15%, respectively a preferential interest rate of 3.65% per year.

“We created the FREEDOM bank deposit, with the two options available, to help our clients achieve that degree of financial freedom that allows them to pursue their dreams more easily. In a time of multiple challenges, such as the one we are going through, the launch of this savings product represents a new commitment by First Bank to be an important partner, The American Way, for all those who dare to make a difference. Thus, we are glad to support them to put into practice any dream, even the American one!”, declared Ionuț Encescu, Head of Products & Digital Innovation Hub, First Bank.

The amount required to open such a deposit is of at least 500 RON. Customers benefit from a fixed interest rate and have the opportunity to calculate from the opening of the deposit the exact amount they will receive at the end of the set-up period. Another benefit is that both the establishment and the administration of the deposit are free[2], and the deposit is guaranteed by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund.

Eligible persons can make a deposit easier than ever, through the Video Banking platform, the first virtual branch in Romania. A First Bank assistant will guide them, through the online video platform, in the process of setting up the deposit, and the necessary documents can be signed online with the help of the electronic signature, a service offered free of charge by First Bank.

[1] Receipts not older than 5 calendar days from the date of the deposit, from cash deposits or interbank transfers to the current account opened with First Bank

[2] For the complete list of taxes and fees, please follow this link.

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