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August 17, 2022

Citu, about the misunderstandings in the coalition between PNL and PSD: We want to keep this coalition, we want to go further

Senate President and National Liberal Party (PNL) Chairman Florin Citu conveyed to Social Democratic Party (PSD) Chairman Marcel Ciolacu that the latter should talk to the head of state if he desired early elections, as the President is the one who decides in this regard, mentioning that the Liberals had made a compromise with the Social Democrats for the economic stability of the country, nonetheless they would not make another that might lead Romania back to communism.

“(…) We want to keep this coalition, we want to go further, we are interested in all the measures in the governance programme being respected,” Citu pointed out, when asked how he commented on the Social Democrat leader’s warning on PSD’s exiting the coalition and triggering early elections, on the grounds of the misunderstandings in the coalition between PNL and PSD.

Asked what he meant when he said that he wouldn’t make a compromise leading Romania to communism, the Liberal leader underscored that PNL endorsed all measures helping Romanians not the destructive ones or the ones creating problems in the economy, mentioning that the 7 percent for investments had to be reintroduced in the budget revision.

About the governance act, the Liberal leader said it went well, “in the harsh given context.”


Experts should say if fuel excise cut would lead to a cut of fuel price at pumps


Senate President Florin Citu, PNL (National Liberal Party) leader, does not rule out a possible cut in the excise duty on fuels, but he said the ones who should specify if such a measure will lead to a cut in the price for fuel at the pumps as well are the experts.

Regarding the possibility of slashing the excise duty on fuels, given that the price at the pump reached 7 lei, Citu said: “I could take it into account, of course.”

According to the PNL leader, the “key” to reducing prices is for the central bank and the finance ministry to “work together.”

“As long as the two institutions work together, we will see lower prices in Romania. I would say that in May-June at the earliest we will see a decrease in inflation. With courage and ambition, we should return below 5pct by the end of the year,” added Citu, according to Agerpres.

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