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August 18, 2022

HealthMin Rafila: There is currently no question of a sixth wave of the coronavirus pandemic

Minister of Health Alexandru Rafila said on Monday that, there is currently no question of a sixth wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

“There were 13 cases with the BA2 variant. There is currently no question of a sixth wave of the coronavirus pandemic. It is about the immunity obtained at the population level either by going through the disease, or by vaccination, or both. Research is rather limited. I believe we have to look at several studies and not refer to a single study that was cited by a colleague from Timisoara,” Rafila told a press conference.

“I believe that a first measure will be related to giving up the use of masks outside, except in crowded spaces, and it is a common sense measure and then other measures. (…) We want to have a clear timetable that takes into account some measurable indicators that allow a resumption and sustainability, because there is one thing is to resume and another is to keep a certain decision sustainable for as long as possible, as we all want,” he added, according to Agerpres.

“”Relaxation measures must always be taken gradually, especially since we are in a situation – as I have explained to you – in which the decrease in the number of cases has not been correlated with an equally rapid decrease in the number of hospitalized cases and it would correlate less with the number of cases in ICUs. (…) We expect these indicators to be steadily declining as well as to allow these measures to be lifted. The concern is always about ensuring the ability to provide health care, and obviously no one wants restrictions, everyone wants relaxation. We want that too, and the government wants that, as well. This must be carried out by also taking into account what is happening in Romanian hospitals,” the Minister of Health also said.

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