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August 15, 2022

CIECH Group AGRO business division enters the Romanian market

  • New legal entity, CIECH Agro Romania starts operations in March 2022
  • A team of 20 people, a joint Romanian and Polish group, will manage relationships with CIECH customers in Romania.

CIECH Group expands its agro-business sector in Romania and establishes CIECH Agro Romania. Located in Bucharest, the new company will support the Romanian agro-business customers starting March 2022. Investments for local business set up 6.5 million euro, for the next 3 years.

The team which will ensure support for the CIECH Agro Romania unit will consist of 20 people, a joint Romanian and Polish group. They will be involved in building a distribution network among key wholesalers and numerical distribution in retail stores, and also agro-technical consultancy from CIECH representatives.

The establishment of CIECH Agro Romania is a new step towards the development of the Agro CIECH business in Romania and comes after a long-term export activity of PPPs to the local market. Its purpose will be to build a wide distribution network and provide Romanian farmers with products that ensure effective crop protection, especially the innovative BGT (“Better Glyphosate Technology”) technology, which is a response to the challenges related to sustainable agriculture and the European Green Deal.

“Customers in Romania expect high-quality products, prices adjusted to the economics of production of the crops, and reliable logistics. All these criteria are met by CIECH, and given the optimistic experience and favourable perspectives for the development of agriculture in this country, the decision to establish CIECH Agro Romania was a natural path of development for us. The main business goal of the Company will be to further expand the Agro business of the CIECH Group and provide Romanian farmers with products ensuring effective protection of crops – including the particularly innovative BGT and a wide range of protection programmes for corn”, says Wojciech Babski, CEO BU Agro CIECH.

CIECH Agro Romania’s portofolio includes 15 products from the offer of CIECH Sarzyna and Proplan (a Spanish supplier of plant protection products owned by the CIECH Group) and it will be diversified in the future. This will enable the company to provide herbicides and fungicides for protection of key crops in Romania, such as maize and grain crops. An important competitive advantage of CIECH will be products based on the active substance MCPA, produced at CIECH Sarzyna, one of the most modern company of this type in the world.

Another important element in the offer of CIECH Agro Romania will be Halvetic – a new glyphosate herbicide, based on the innovative and patented BGT technology (“Better Glyphosate Technology”), which allows you to maintain the current effectiveness of the active substance, while reducing its dose per hectare by half compared to existing standards. It is a breakthrough on the global market of glyphosate formulations, and at the same time, the CIECH Group’s response to the challenges related to the transformation of agriculture towards a more sustainable one.

The local market of plant protection products is developing dynamically – in recent years it has exceeded the value of EUR 600 million, thus doubling its size within 10 years. In the following years, the development of the Romanian market of PPPs is estimated at 4 to 6 percent, despite the challenges related to the European Green Deal.

The CIECH Group exports the plant protection products in approx. 50 countries around the globe. CIECH Sarzyna, the largest Polish manufacturer of PPPs, delivers its products to about 40 foreign markets – in addition to the domestic market. It also supports the regions of Central and Western Europe, the British Isles and Scandinavia. Outside Europe, traditionally important markets for CIECH include Australia, Canada and the Far East, especially Thailand and Vietnam. Proplan, acquired in 2018, operates mainly in the Iberian Peninsula, the Mediterranean (Italy, France & Greece) and North Africa – predominantly in Morocco, Algeria and Egypt.

The leading products brands from the CIECH portfolio are: Terbustar (active ingredient: terbuthylazine), Nikosar (nikosurfulon), Azoksar (azoxystrobin), Haksar (MCPA) and Fenuxar (Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl). Available products also include those for the protection of grapevine – Pol-Sulphur (active ingredient: sulphur) – and rapeseed, including Labrador Extra (Chizalofop-P-ethyl) and Faworyt (Chlopyralid).

The global agrochemicals market size is anticipated to reach USD 272.0 billion by 2028, according to the Grand View Research report.




CIECH Group is an international holding company in the chemical industry with a presence in over 80 countries. In 2014, most of the CIECH shares were purchased by KI Chemistry, a company belonging to the largest Polish private investment firm, Kulczyk Investments.

CIECH Sarzyna is the largest Polish manufacturer of plant protection products, with over 80 years of activity on the Polish market. The best-known CIECH Sarzyna trademarks among Polish farmers include the CHWASTOX brands – some of the most popular weed control products in Poland, which has been trusted by three generations of users.


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