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August 15, 2022

eToro: 80% of female investors future proof their finances

  • 72% of female investors invest at least monthly
  • 16% invest a third or more of their monthly income
  • 53% say pandemic has had an impact on investment habits

Four out of five female investors in Romania and globally are confident they’ll reach their desired income in retirement if they continue with their current investment strategy. Nearly 1 in 5 (18%) of the female investors surveyed say they’ll reach this goal within the next five years. The surveyed Romanian women are more optimistic, nearly 2 in 5 thinking that they will reach this goal in 1 to 5 years and 2 out of 5 will reach the goal in 6 to 10 years.

The findings come from a global survey of 9,500 female investors by social investment network eToro.

Of the women surveyed, 72% invest at least monthly, and overall 16% invest a third (30%) or more of their monthly income. They invest to outperform their savings, supplement their income, lifestyle, generate a one off payment, and to attain financial independence.

80% of Romanian female investors invest at least once a month and an overall 25% invest a third or more of their income.

As for why they started, both Romanian female investors and those from other countries said they did this to generate extra income and to counter low interest rates. Globally more than a fifth (22%) cite ‘long-term security’ as the main reason they began this journey. For 21%, achieving financial independence in order to retire early is their number one motivation. Only  18% of Romanians started with financial security and 9% have  retirement income in mind.

eToro’s Global COO and Deputy CEO, Dr Hedva Ber comments: “Female investors are using investing as a powerful lever to secure their futures, boost income, and/or to build net wealth. It is clear from the research that female investors are carving out their own future, and building for the long-term, something which is to be celebrated.

“Women clearly want to improve their finances, and crave more education around investing. We need to respond to the calls for more female role models and ensure they represent the diversity of women who could benefit from knowing more about investing. Financial education is key and while progress is being made there is more work to do. We have a responsibility to make a positive difference to women’s lives now and in the future.”

The most popular investment held by the female investors surveyed was domestic stocks (41%) followed by cryptoassets (36%), domestic bonds (25%), foreign stocks (23%), alternative investments (23%), cash (21%), commodities (14%), foreign bonds (13%) and currencies (11%).

Romanian female investors prefer cryptos (56%) followed by cash (32%), alternative investments including Real Estate, private equity, NFTs (30%), domestic stocks (28%), foreign stocks (23%), currencies (23%), local bonds (19%) and international bonds (15%).

Globally, female investors plan to invest in cryptoassets (35%), domestic stocks (32%), alternative investments (28%), foreign stocks (23%), domestic bonds (22%), commodities (21%), cash (17%), foreign bonds (14%) and currencies (12%).

Romanian female investors plan to invest in cryptoassets (49%), alternative investments including Real Estate, private equity, NFTs (36%), foreign stocks (33%), domestic stocks (28%), commodities (26%), cash (25%), foreign bonds (20%), domestic bonds (20%), and currencies (19%).

More than half the female investors surveyed cited the need for more female role models. Commenting on the research, Heloise Greeff, an eToro Popular Investor, said: “I started my investing journey on eToro to gain financial freedom to be independent of society’s expectations of me as a woman. Although imposter syndrome prevented me from starting sooner, I have since learned that I am capable of much more than I could imagine. Investing has taught me patience, discipline, and focus. More importantly, it has given me the means to control my future and grow my money for my family and me.

“I believe financial equality is the final frontier of true equality. I hope that my example can ignite courage for other women to take the first step toward financial gender equity.”

The consequences of the pandemic continue to be felt with 53% of female investors saying it’s had an impact on their investment habits, and almost a third (30%) feeling more pressure to improve their financial situation; whilst 29% say they now need a savings pot, and 24% say they are now focussed on a long-term financial goal.

In other findings:

  • Globally, over a fifth (22%) of female investors began investing 3 to 5 years ago (21% in Romania); 11% started 6-10 years ago (10% in Romania) and nearly half (47%)% of female investors started 2 years ago or less. In Romania specifically, this rose to 57%.
  • Female investors globally believe the best investment opportunities over the next three months will come from green energy and renewables followed by MAMAA stocks (Meta, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Alphabet).
  • Female investors lean heavily on personal recommendations for information on how and when to invest, with nearly 1 in 2 female investors (47%) turning to friends, family or colleagues for insight. Only one in three Romanian female investors turns to friends and family for recommendations, most (45%) looking for bulletins and reports from brokers.
  • 76% of female investors regard investing as part of their household financial management; 63% have majority or full control of their household finances. 89% of Romanian female investors look at investments as part of their household finances while 65% have majority or full control of their household finances.




Survey research conducted by Appinio from 4th February – 15th February 2022. 9,504 female retail investors sampled across 14 countries. 1,000 in each: UK, US, Germany, France, Spain and Australia. 500 in the following: Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic, Denmark (319) and Norway (185). Female investors were defined as those who held investments such as bonds, funds, cryptoassets, currencies, equities, FX and cash linked to stock markets. They did not need to be eToro users.


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