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August 17, 2022

IntMin Bode: 10.624 Ukrainian citizens entered Romania in the past 24 hrs

Of the 10,624 Ukrainian citizens who entered Romania in the last 24 hours, 3,660 people have left our country, especially through the border crossings with Bulgaria and Hungary, Interior Minister Lucian Bode said on Friday.

He added that 6,964 people remained in Romania in the last 24 hours.

“Out of 10,624 people who entered Romania, 11 people have applied for asylum in Romania and are currently in our asylum centres. We have about 1,100 places available, the occupancy rate is currently 50%,” Bode told a press conference at the Victoria Governmental Palace.

The Interior Minister pointed out that there is a very good collaboration with all the institutions in charge, so that Romania can offer the necessary legal and humanitarian support to the refugees, who are coming at the borders of the country and asking for Romania’s help.

“Thus, the Border Police, the Inspectorate General for Immigration, the structures of the Department for Emergency Situations, the Prefect Institution are fully mobilised to manage the situation according to the developments on the field. We are ready to manage a large flow of transit at the border. The necessary measures have been taken to strengthen the control and surveillance of the Romanian border. The border crossing points are fully mobilised and we are ready to supplement the staff if necessary,” Bode also said.

He explained that in the last 24 hours, 111,817 people crossed all border crossing points (58,268 on the way in), as against February 23, when the number stood at 93,060.

“At the border with Ukraine, the total number of people who crossed the six border crossing points was 12,220. Of these, 10,624 on the way into the country, compared to 4,041 recorded before the outbreak of the conflict,” the Interior Minister added, according to Agerpres.


IGPR: 87.5pct increase in number of people entering Romania from Ukraine


The number of people who crossed the border from Ukraine in the past 24 hours has increased by 87.5pct, according to the General Inspectorate of Border Police.

“At the border with Ukraine, the total number of Romanian and foreign citizens was 12,220 people, of which 10,624 were entering the country. Compared to February 23, when 6,519 people were registered (4,041 entering the country), there was an increase of 87.5pct,” the same source said.

On Thursday, within 24 hours, at the national level, approximately 111,817 people, Romanian and foreign citizens, carried out the formalities through the border crossing points, out of which 58,268 people were on their way to enter the country, and 53,549 people on their way out.

Compared to the previous day, February 23, when the traffic values at the national level were 93,060 people (46,901 wanting to enter the country, 46,159 on their way out) there was an increase of 20pct recorded.

At the border with Moldova, the traffic values were 18,728 people (of which 12,055 were on the way into the country), and on the previous day there were 14,228 people (7,972 on the way into the country) – an increase of 31.6pct.

At the national level, 14,068 Ukrainian citizens completed the control formalities, out of which 10,408 were entering Romania, an increase of 150pct being recorded. At the border with Ukraine, 7,422 Ukrainian citizens entered Romania, and 2,193 entered the country from the Republic of Moldova.

“On February 24, 11 people requested the granting of a form of protection of the Romanian state at the border crossing points, which will be taken over by the representatives of the General Inspectorate for Immigration,” said the IGPF.


Photo: www.gov.ro

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