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August 8, 2022

Senate chairman Citu: Romania should block any source of financing, especially from budget, for all Russian-owned companies

The Senate chairman, liberal leader Florin Citu, says that all Russian banks should be excluded from the SWIFT banking system and says that Romania should block any source of financing, especially from the budget, for Russian-owned companies.

“Finally a decision was made for a part of Russian banks to be excluded from SWIFT. All of them should be excluded. It is very important: Russia’s national bank no longer has access to its assets abroad. But, in order for this to have effect, these measures must be urgently applied by each country. This is the most important part: identifying all finance sources which arrive in Moscow and blocking them. Romania must quickly implement these measures and to stop any source of financing, especially from the budget, for Russian-owned companies,” Citu wrote on Facebook, on Sunday.

Western countries that have adopted a new series of sanctions against Moscow following the invasion of Ukraine, especially deciding to exclude many Russian banks from the SWIFT banking system, an essential instrument for global finances, according to a press release sent by the European Commission.

These measures were taken by The United States, France, Germany, The United Kingdom, Canada, Italy and the European Commission.

According to the European Union, approximately 70% of the Russian banking sector is currently affected by the sanctions.

“We are committed to ensure that select Russian banks are eliminated from the SWIFT system. This will ensure that these banks are disconnected from the international financial system and will affect their capacity of operating on a global level,” the document reads.


Romania, will stop Moscow propaganda in local media through ANCOM and CNA


The Senate chairman, liberal leader Florin Citu, is requesting the authorities, through the means of the National Communications Administration and Regulation Authority (ANCOM) and the National Audiovisual Council (CNA), to stop Russia’s propaganda in the local media.

“It is time for Romania, through ANCOM and CNA, to stop all propaganda from Moscow in the local media,” the Senate chairman wrote on Facebook, on Sunday.

On February 24, CNA sent a press release through which they recommended audiovisual media services that during their informative and debate shows, where the topic of the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine is tackled, to make sure that they respect their legal obligations regarding the correct information for the public.

Among CNA’s recommendations there were: broadcasting information taken from official sources and reliable sources, euro-atlantic and international; verifying any information, directly or indirectly, tied to the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine; strictness and accuracy in presenting the debate of the topic regarding implications to euro-atlantic security, respecting deontology rules and granting special attention to messages disseminated with decency, discernment, responsibility and avoiding the sensational, so that panic and uncertainty will not be induced to the citizens”.

“Regarding presenting in an objective and balanced way of topics of this nature, the Council appreciates the responsible contribution of the audio-visual press in countering fake news regarding intensifying editorial measures of radio-broadcasting, with the purpose of promoting information from well documented sources and ensuring the public is correctly informed,” CNA also said.

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