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August 14, 2022

Carbunaru: Sites spreading fake news shut down in the context of the crisis in Ukraine

Government spokesman Dan Carbunaru announced on Monday that several sites that “were spreading fake news in the context of the crisis in Ukraine “have been shut down or are about to be shut down.”

“There are a number of measures that the Romanian authorities have taken during this period to block certain sources identified as propagating fake news, in the context of the crisis in Ukraine. (…) Some of them have already been closed, others are to be closed, with proceedings ongoing,” Carbunaru said in a statement issued at the Victoria Palace.

He also mentioned that, as of Monday evening, no Russia Today broadcasting operator in Romania will have this channel active.

“As of tonight, no Russian Today broadcasting operator in Romania will have this channel active. (…) Measures have already been announced at the European level to block the rebroadcast of both Russia Today and Sputnik content,” said Carbunaru, according to Agerpres.

According to the government, the list of “fake news” sites in the context of the Ukraine-Russia crisis is as follows:


• https://bitinitiators.com/blog.html – unavailable at this time;

• https://profitsmall.com/?domain=https://bitinitiators.com/blog – unavailable at this time;

• https://yourincome.site/LP/lp_RO_RO_connera_XfZdkl_Av0VP/?domain=newsmoney.work&uclick=q5fnx99 z & uclickhash = q5fnx99z-q5fnx99z-qn-0-ydi4-cig5-us1;

• https://ru.md.sputniknews.com/ – active at the moment;

• https://md.sputniknews.com/ – active at the moment;

• https://ro.md.sputniknews.com/ – active at the moment;

• https://citestesitu.com – active at the moment;

• https://rtnews.ro – active at the moment;

• https://cloudx.ro – not available at this time.


33.000 Ukrainian citizens in Romania right now; 373 applied for asylum


More than 33,000 Ukrainian citizens are currently in Romania, of which 373 have applied for asylum, the government’s spokesman, Dan Carbunaru, said on Monday after the meeting of the task force managing the situation generated by the military aggression in our neighbouring country.

He stated at the Victoria Palace that from February 24 to Monday at 6.00 am, 70,803 Ukrainian citizens entered our country, and 37,490 of them left out country.

Carbunaru mentioned that on Sunday, 255 Ukrainian citizens applied for asylum in Romania, bringing the total number to 373.

“At the moment, there are over 33,000 Ukrainian citizens in Romania,” the government spokesman said.

According to him, the Border Police is mobilized with increased numbers during this period and continues the efforts carried out together with other institutions of the Ministry of Interior and the state to manage the situation.


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