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August 18, 2022

HealthMin Rafila: Ukrainian refugees benefit from all medical services. 3.152 hospital beds prepared to treat injured people in Ukrainian conflict

The Minister of Health, Alexandru Rafila, gave assurances on Tuesday that the refugees from Ukraine benefit from all medical services.

“They benefit from all medical services, the same as Romanian citizens. There is a certain difference. Because they can stay in Romania for 90 days as tourists, they benefit from the full range of medical services. If in the meantime or at the end of this interval they apply for refugee status, then the provisions on refugees come into force. In principle, they benefit from all the categories of medical services they need. There is no question of restricting medical services,” the Health Minister told a news conference.

According to him, medical teams of the public health directorates are located in the border counties, but also in the areas where the refugees are guided.

“The public health directorates operate in all border counties through medical teams that are located both at the border and at the level of the places where refugees are guided, if there are locations where there is a significant number of people. Those who wish can also benefit from public health, testing and vaccination services. No testing is done at the border”, Alexandru Rafila explained, according to Agerpres.


We have identified 3,152 hospital beds to treat injured people in Ukrainian conflict


Romania’s Health Ministry has identified 3,152 hospital beds at various departments where Ukrainian nationals who could be injured in the Ukraine conflict, whether civilians or members of armed forces, may receive medical care, Health Minister Alexandru Rafila informed on Tuesday.

He told a news conference that meetings had been held with heads of the public health directorates and with the country’s hospital managers to identify where injured from Ukraine could be treated.

“We have identified a total of 3,152 beds, broken down by type of specialty: neurosurgery – 224, ENT – 254, oral and maxillofacial surgery – 80 and so on for each specialty, which could be a helping hand for people who can get injured in Ukraine, irrespective of whether they are civilians or members of armed forces. Of course, military hospitals are ready, they have a different organisation, but the public health system in Romania is at the disposal of the injured in Ukraine,” Rafila told a news conference at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health.


According to him, most of the beds are in the counties bordering Ukraine: Satu Mare, Maramures, Suceava, Iasi, Vaslui, and also in university hubs. In Bucharest City, 570 beds can be provided.

He added that refugees from Ukraine who have various pathologies will benefit from treatment.

“A very important thing that concerns us and is being operationalized even today is the referral to certain specialized medical services for patients coming from Ukraine who may have somewhat special pathologies. I am referring here to oncology services, dialysis or treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS. For those who do not request refugee status, they benefit from medical assistance on the basis of a long-standing mutual agreement, since 1961, and Ukraine as a state following the former Soviet Union, its citizens benefit from these services on the basis of reciprocity, and the Romanian citizens, under normal conditions, benefit from the same thing in Ukraine,” the minister said.


Approx. 50 mothers with their children accommodated in private medical centre


Approximately 50 Ukrainian mothers with their children, who took refuge in Romania, arrived in Arad City on Tuesday morning and are staying at a private medical centre in the city, where they will remain until they manage to arrange transport to different European countries where they have relatives or friends.

The refugees, who came from Chernivtsi and Chernobyl, were picked up by a bus from the Siret Customs, the transport having been initially organized for 50 foreign medical students who had studied in Ukraine and who came to our country. According to the transport organizers, these students gave up the bus in favour of mothers and children.

The Ukrainians are housed in a private medical care centre, where they also receive food, and teams of doctors will consult them on Tuesday.

“This is the first group of refugees to arrive in Arad from Vama Siret. The group consists of 48 people, mothers and children, the youngest being three months old. Most are children, about 70 percent. We also have a mother with seven children. This private initiative pursues a strictly humanitarian purpose. We are also supported by associations, which will provide food and necessities during their stay. Some of the refugees are homeless, so we do not know how long they will stay with us,”   Sorin Fildan, representative of the Red Medica clinic told Agerpres.

Most of the mothers said that they want to go to various countries in the European Union, where they have relatives or friends.

In Arad County, several associations announced that they were involved in supporting refugees, offering border transport and accommodation or various aids. Arad City Hall also announced that it is arranging about 300 accommodation places in boarding schools or nursing homes for the elderly.


Compiled from Agerpres

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