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August 11, 2022

Romanian tradition of ‘Martisor’, a symbol of renewal and revival of nature, but also for new fresh hopes and new beginnings

The Romanian tradition of “Martisor” on 1st of March is an ancient ritual marking the coming of spring.

These small broche-like objects tied to a red and white string and worn on coats in the first days of spring, many of which are handmade, are to be found for sale around this time of the year in many artisan fairs and shops. They are believed to provide the wearer with protection against a variety of perils and most commonly depict the chimney sweep, a four-leaf clove, a horse shoe, flowers and various animals

Gifted to women and girls to be worn as a protective charm for good luck, this small artifact —

that has seen a variety of creative forms and symbols over time— attached to a white-and-red braided

thread with silk tassels , symbolizes the renewal of time and the revival of nature, but also new fresh hopes for new beginnings.

This tradition was included in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list five years ago at the proposal of Romania, the Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria and North Macedonia, where this practice is widespread.


Photo: Facebook/Parlamentul Romaniei Camera Deputatilor


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