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March 16, 2023

Romanian PM Ciuca, Polish counterpart Morawiecki condemn illegal aggression of Russian armed forces in Ukraine

The Romanian and Polish Prime Ministers have condemned the illegal aggression of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine, said, on Thursday, in Warsaw, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca.

“We had a meeting between the two governments, a joint session that is taking place in a situation that we hoped would never happen in Europe again, the largest conflict taking place in Europe after the Second World War. We have condemned together the illegal aggression of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine, a completely unjustified, unprovoked, illegal aggression, with no respect, either for international laws, or the sovereignty, or the integrity of an independent state. Together we’ve expressed our support for the Ukrainian people, for the Ukrainian government,” mentioned the Prime Minister, at the end of the joint session of the Governments of Romania and Poland.

He mentioned that the two countries also discussed how to act jointly to ensure the necessary support for the large wave of refugees coming both to Romania, as well as to Poland.

Furthermore, the two Prime Ministers decided to support the accession to the European Union of Georgia, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.


Polish PM sends  condolences for loss of lives of eight soldiers in Dobrogea plane crashes


The Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, sent a message of condolences to the Romanian counterpart, Nicolae Ciuca, at the end of the joint government meeting for the loss of life of the eight soldiers in plane crashes in Dobrogeaon the night of March 2.

“He sent me condolences for the loss of life of the eight Romanian soldiers in the Air Force. Thank you very much for the message of condolences, and in this way I want to convey again the regret for the loss of life of eight Romanian soldiers and also send my own and the Government’s condolences and support for the bereaved families. May God rest them in peace,” the Romanian prime minister said at the start of a joint news conference with the Polish prime minister.


PM Ciuca: Polish sub-unit to be part of battlegroup led by France


Poland is joining the NATO forces for the defense of the Eastern flank, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca announced on Thursday.

“We’ve discussed together the internal, institutional mechanisms that we can use and, also, the mechanisms of the European Union that we can also access so that we may facilitate the stay and the integration, as well as possible, in the Romanian and Polish societies, respectively. Surely, we have had discussions on all the measures that were taken, so that we may strengthen discouragement and defence on the eastern flank of the Alliance. We have already measures that we have conducted together, there is a Polish military structure that is part of the Multinational Brigade in Romania, we have a structure that is part of the battlegroup that is present on Polish territory and we’ve discussed with Mr. Prime Minister that, with the increase in Allied forces’ presence in the region of the Black Sea and, of course, in Poland and in the Baltic Sea region, we will analyze and may have a new package of forces, that could be deployed to our country and in this way we’ve received his approval so a sub-unit be part of the battlegroup that is to be led by France,” said Nicolae Ciuca, at the end of the Romania-Poland government sitting.

The Romanian prime minister mentioned that he also appreciates that it is an activity that takes place the same day that 101 years ago saw the signing of the Convention of Defensive Alliance, which, practically, represents the founding act of the strategic partnership and which, through joint activities, continues to be consolidated.

“Today’s discussions allowed, at the same time, the review of the progress that our countries have made and, also, allowed us to establish an entire series of benchmarks at the level of line ministries, convening thus agreeing that together we follow up on what was discussed today, what was signed today so that it may yield concrete results,” Prime Minister Ciuca added.


Polish PM Morawiecki: Poland and Romania are doing their utmost for peaceful coexistence


Poland and Romania are doing their utmost for peaceful coexistence, setting all their diplomatic and political actions in agreement, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Thursday in Warsaw at the end of the joint meeting of the Polish and Romanian governments, as he renewed his call on European partners to implement a courageous package of sanctions capable of seriously unsettling the Russian economy, following this country’s aggression against Ukraine.

Our countries have changed a lot in the last 20-30 years since they acquired freedom, but one thing has not changed. The conditions of our security have not changed, the security conditions are in direct dependence on Russia’s action, on whether it acts as an aggressor country, as it happens now, as a country that invades a neighbor, or if it acts as a country wherewith one can coexist in peace. Poland and Romania are doing everything for us to coexist in peace. (…) At the inter-ministerial consultations we devoted most of our time to discussions on the situation in Ukraine and the direct threats arising from there. In order to counteract these threats, we are putting in efforts for all our diplomatic and political actions in the field of security to be in agreement. Today we had a new round of adjustments and we are calling again on our partners in the European Union, in the European Commission to implement a courageous package of sanctions, a package to really seriously affect the Russian economy, Mateusz Morawiecki said in a press statement delivered together with Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca.


Compiled from reports of Agerpres correspondent in Warsaw

Photo: www.gov.ro

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