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August 15, 2022

DefMin Dincu meets Dutch counterpart Ollongren at the 57th Airbase in Mihail Kogalniceanu: We hope to fit army with most modern equipment after 2.5% GDP allotment

National Defence Minister Vasile Dincu stated, on Monday, at the 57th Airbase in Mihail Kogalniceanu, that after the allotment of 2.5% of the GDP for Defence, the Romanian Army will be fitted with the most modern equipment.

“We are certain that once this new percentage of the GDP, 2.5%, is approved, we will manage to bring the Romanian Army fitting closer, to bring the deadlines closer for acquisitions in what regards aviation, Ground Forces, or Naval Forces. The Puma helicopters are not helicopters to be morally or physically obsolete, but we need a series of new weapons, helicopters, airplanes, certainly we will do that in the future (…) We should have been able to have this better equipment a long time ago,” said Vasile Dincu, asked if certain acquisitions will be made quickly or if the old helicopters will be replaced with new ones, if the allotment for Defence goes to 2.5%.

Regarding the question if there is a limit to the number of servicemen that can operate from Mihail Kogalniceanu, the Minister of Defence said that the base is vast and is continuously developing.

“We will bring as many servicemen as necessary, depending on the development of the situation,” said Dincu, according to Agerpres.

The Minister of National Defence, Vasile Dincu, met, on Monday, with the Minister of Defence of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Kajsa Ollongren, at the 57th Airbase in Mihail Kogalniceanu.

Presently, at the military base in Mihail Kogalniceanu there is a detachment composed of approximately 150 servicemen belonging to the 11 Air Assault Brigade of the Netherlands, deployed to Romania to participate, in the March 7 – 24 period, in the Rapid Falcon 22 multinational exercise at the Babadag Secondary Center for Combat Training in Tulcea County.

The exercise will also be attended by military with the Captain Stefan Soverth 495th Paratrooper Battalion in Bucharest and the Marasesti 9th Mechanized Brigade in Constanta, as well as Romanian and American helicopters.

According to the Ministry of National Defence (MApN), the objectives of this training are joint training, increasing interoperability and joint reaction capacity, as well as the development of functional relations between participating structures.


Photo: www.mapn.ro

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