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August 15, 2022

Romanian Government passes support measures for refugees from Ukraine

On Monday, the Romanian government passed new measures providing support and humanitarian assistance to children, adults, people with disabilities and all Ukrainians coming to Romania, according to governmental spokesperson Dan Carbunaru (photo).

“At the moment, there are more than 80,000 people having come from Ukraine to Romania, including 30,000 minors. Given the developments in Ukraine, a neighbouring country, the government is ready to offer all solutions to refugee families; people need their rights to education, health, employment, child protection, protection of persons with disabilities secured, therefore new organisational measures are needed to facilitate and encourage the involvement of the civil society, the private sector, individuals who will continue to make donations to the benefit of Ukrainian refugees, on the other hand, international organisations needing a simpler mechanism of co-operation and involvement alongside the authorities,” said Carbunaru after a government meeting.

He pointed out that one of the measures is the right to education for Ukrainian children. Ukrainian children will be entitled to free accommodation, food allowance, school supplies, clothing, footwear and textbooks, free public transportation as provided by law, and there is also the allocation of basic food to all children in primary and secondary education. Unvaccinated children will also qualify for vaccination schedules under the national programmes managed by the Ministry of Health.

Regarding university students, Carbunaru said that the Ministry of Education will be able to approve an additional number of enrollments, within the limit of 20% of the schooling capacity.

“For all refugees who will be accommodated on the premises of pre-university units and schools, either public or private, a housing subsidy for each refugee of 50 lei per day and a meal subsidy in the amount of 20 lei for each refugee a day will be granted for 90 days,” he added.

He said that with regard to children who come unaccompanied, in order to ensure an integrated response of the institutions that must be involved for the protection of the rights of these children in each county, each district of Bucharest City will set up a task force if need be.

“This task force will quickly identify the most appropriate measure to protect these children. So far, from data we have centralised at the government level, there are 186 children of Ukrainian citizens cared for in special centres in nine counties of the country,” he said.

Other measures are designed for the protection of persons with disabilities coming from Ukraine.

With regard to medical care, foreign nationals, and also stateless persons coming from the area of the armed conflict in Ukraine will receive free medical care and appropriate treatment for emergencies even without having requested a form of protection in Romania under the asylum law.

“Healthcare services will be provided both in the temporary accommodation camps and humanitarian assistance, as well as in the accommodation locations established by the emergency committees,” said Carbunaru.

Ukrainian refugees will be included in Romania’s national public health programmes in order to receive adequate medicines and medical care.

The measures approved by the government is also designed to facilitate access of Ukrainian citizens to the local labour market.

“Ukrainian citizens will be able to work without the need for a work-stay visa,” said the spokesperson.

The measures approved by the Romanian government by emergency ordinance also include the encouragement of humanitarian donations.


Vasilcoiu: Government has adopted an Emergency Ordinance in support of Ukrainian refugees, but also in the Romanian business environment


The Government has adopted an Emergency Ordinance in support of Ukrainian refugees, but also in the Romanian business environment, Cristian Vasilcoiu, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity (MMSS), announced on Monday.

“The Government has adopted an emergency ordinance that supports Ukrainian refugees, whether we are talking about people who want to work, people with disabilities and the elderly. The measures support both Ukrainian refugees and the Romanian business community, which experiences a shortage of labor,” Vasilcoiu wrote on his Facebook page.

Thus, persons with disabilities, accompanied or unaccompanied, who come from the area of armed conflict in Ukraine and enter Romania, can benefit, upon request, from social services provided in all types of residential centers for adults with disabilities, respectively sheltered housing, centers for independent living, rehabilitation centers, care and assistance centers or in respite / crisis centers.

According to a release of the Ministry of Labor, if upon entering the territory of Romania, persons with disabilities declare, individually or through their companion, that they remain in Romania, they can be taken over, upon request, in the records of the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection to benefit from the services provided in the centers for adults with disabilities. Adults with disabilities who do not have valid identity documents will be communicated to the General Inspectorate for Immigration in order to establish the legal regime, simultaneously with their takeover, upon request, by the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection in order to provide the aforementioned services.

The financing of the expenses related to the social services destined for adults with disabilities will be ensured from the Budget Reserve Fund at the disposal of the Government, by a decision of the Government, at the proposal of MMSS.

The provisions of the emergency ordinance approved by the Government apply to Ukrainian citizens and may be applied to persons of other nationalities only under the conditions of compliance with the provisions of Law no. 122/2006 on asylum in Romania, through the General Inspectorate for Immigration.


Compiled from Agerpres

Photo: www.gov.ro

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