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August 18, 2022

Medea’s Apology: Theatrical Performance under the auspices of the Embassy of the Hellenic Republic in Bucharest

A psychological profile of the tragic heroine of EURIPIDES, mediated with sound, speech and movement. Adapted by Amalia Strinopoulou, based on the translation by PANTELIS PREVELAKIS.


With Romanian subtitles.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1160924497977052/

Youtube (Trailer inclus): https://youtu.be/rKvrklS3VV0

Trailer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x0MLRddy3pkwPrzZGl_mMx-m97yK7psq/view?usp=sharing


While war rages in neighboring Ukraine and its shrapnel reaches our door, while a pandemic decimates people all around the world, while an economic crisis tightens the noose around our neck every day, it seems inconsiderate to announce the presentation of a theatrical performance.

Our times are extremely challenging and it often feels that we are confined to an insignificant role like humble pawns in a chess game between mighty governments. We must stand up to them whenever possible and resist their multi pronged attack in an effort to survive.

Allowing our mind to escape this grim reality and wander in other paths is a sign that we are still resisting, that we have not given up.

Our  wish is for this play, Medea, to function like such an outlet.

Euripides, always current, the most skilled craftsman of the tragic drama according to Aristotle, bold and innovating, an intellectual and poet, conveys in Medea the psychology of a woman who rebels against betrayal, opposes the irrational demands of authority, transcends her old self, sacrifices her morals on the altar of absolute love and devotion, and is ruthless, even self-destructive, when it comes to punishing those who wronged her.

The Greek Embassy in Bucharest has long now supported our artistic efforts, whose goal is to promote Greek culture in Romania, to bring the two cultures closer and to strengthen the ties between Greeks and Romanians.

Cooperation, the exchange of traditions, a joint vision, the joint intoxication of artistic creation is the best way for people from different cultures and traditions to approach one another, to forge new paths, to find new ways of expression and to evolve.

Theater, music and dance are ideal for this process.


Medea’s Apology



Directing, Acting:                Amalia Strinopoulou

Music:                                   Petros Theodorou.

Romanian Translation:       Elena Lazar

Διδασκαλία φωνητικών:     Stela Guţanu

Video (Fondo):                     George Ivanov

Video: Recording/Editing: Vlad Diaconu


Tickets:  40 Lei25 Lei for students and senior citizens available: at www.mystage.ro, at https://www.tnb.ro/ro/apologia-medeei and at the cashier of “I.L. Caragiale” National Theater in Bucharest

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