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June 28, 2022

Health Minister Rafila: Delta strain practically out of circulation in the past week

Health Minister Alexandru Rafila said Tuesday that sequencing has shown that the Delta coronavirus strain has no longer been circulating in the last week.

“Practically, all the sequencing conducted during this period has only shown the circulation of the Omicron strain. Whereas in the past weeks infections with other variants, generally Delta, accounted for 3, 4 or 5 percent of the total, in the last week we had practically no Delta strain circulation in Romania. This is important,” Rafila told a news conference.

He said the positivity rate is “somewhat stabilized” at 8-9 percent.

“The positivity rate has stabilized in the last period. It reached 7.4 percent in the week before the restrictions were lifted, between February 28 and March 6, and is now somewhat stabilized at 8 – 9 percent. This is the proportion of positive tests out of the total performed. There is also a stabilization of the basic reproductive rate at around 0.75,” the Minister said.


75 persons from Ukraine admitted to hospitals in Romania


As many as 75 people from Ukraine are admitted to hospitals in Romania, Health Minister Alexandru Rafila said on Tuesday.

“It’s a situation from the last week, from March 9 to 15. So 75 people are hospitalized today. As for the requests for medical assistance to the county ambulance stations, they are also in the same limit, around 100 requests registered daily. Some of the people have also traveled with their own means to the health units, but the figures do not pose any problems in terms of providing medical assistance,” the Health Minister said in a press conference.

“CNAS (National Health Insurance House) has tailored a system for the identification and allocation of a unique code, based on passport data, date and place of birth of each person, a unique code that will be used to highlight the medical services that are performed for these people, so that they benefit from the entire range of services, including access to health programmes, like the patients in Romania,” explained Alexandru Rafila.

As for the number of beds allocated per county for people injured or refugees who have various conditions that require surgery, the Minister of Health said that there are 3,300 beds available.

“We have added to the figure we presented last week as a result of the intervention at the level of the Plastic Surgery Commission of the Ministry of Health as many as 151 places of plastic surgery. The health units and specialists there treat the patients who need surgery. Romania, so far, has no problems in providing medical assistance to these refugees,” the dignitary said, according to Agerpres.

According to the Minister of Health, several hundred people from Ukraine have been tested and vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2.

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