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June 28, 2022

InteRo Property Development becomes the first residential developer in Romania to present its entire portfolio through a virtual reality lens

On the Bright Spaces platform, the InteRoVerse project takes the residential customer journey to the next level, by offering Buyers exclusive access to virtually viewing and experiencing the InteRo real estate portfolio

InteRo Property Development, owned by the Canadian Topolinski investors family, is the first real estate developer in Romania to implement the Bright Spaces digital solution for its entire residential portfolio by launching InteRoVerse, a showcase of all InteRo real estate properties from a virtual lens.

We are extremely excited to kick off a 5-year partnership with Bright Spaces, and become the first developer in Romania to present its entire residential portfolio through the platform. Bright Spaces represents progressive technology and ideology within the real estate space which aligns perfectly with the core values of InteRo. Through this partnership, InteRo will be adding a key piece to its technology stack, becoming technologically progressive today and being well-positioned for further advancement in the future,” says Michael Topolinski IV (photo) , Partner, Head of Sales and Innovation InteRo Property Development.

The first projects to join InteRoVerse are Skylight Residence (Obor area), NorthLight Residence (North-Eastern Bucharest), and New Confort City (Popesti Leordeni). New projects will soon follow, as the investors’ family has committed a significant pipeline for the next 5 years, including its first residential development in Brasov.

Michael Topolinski IV adds: “Over the following 2 months, we will be working closely with our partners at Bright Spaces to build a unique, one-of-a-kind universe for our residential projects, which will be individually presented as standalone 3D buildings geographically positioned on the Bucharest map. Users will then be truly able to see ‘the bigger picture,’ as the platform will help them experience real-time apartment availability insights, 3D tour of any apartment, download a digital brochure, navigate through videos and photos, choose furniture and create fit-out of the apartment and book a live tour.”

 The platform will assist the developer in its offerings and in accelerating its sales process. Bright Spaces provides an excellent proptech solution that aligns with InteRo’s focus on innovation and technology.

With this new platform, future clients will be able to:

  • explore the interior and exterior renderings of the 3 projects
  • 3D tour apartments
  • get real-time availability insights
  • discover construction details and building information
  • navigate through videos and real pictures
  • download digital brochures
  • go through a list of apartments in order to choose the best fit for them
  • book a live tour / request an offer.


In the backend, InteRo benefits from a management dashboard that offers them updated information about availability, status, financials, touring, and offering requests.

This collaboration marks a first: our first implementation for a residential portfolio. Bright Spaces is scaling to reach our bold vision of becoming a global solution for any real estate vertical. We are excited to work with InteRo, an innovative and client-focused business that understands the need for digital-first solutions. We are looking forward to the official launch, it’s a key milestone for our team,” says Bogdan Nicoara, CEO & Cofounder Bright Spaces.

InteRoVerse is the first step in a wider, long-term strategy for the Topolinski family aimed at using technology as a market differentiator within a dynamic and competitive market.

“The world is going Metaverse, and already virtual real estate assets are hitting record highs,” says Michael Topolinski IV. “It’s only a matter of time until we see the first real projects getting their Metaverse version, and we aim to be among the pioneers.”

Bright Spaces, the Romanian proptech startup, adds to the exclusive list of partners working with InteRo Group, alongside the international property management company LGM Group, Skanska, Lidl, Kaufland, Libra Bank, as well as private investors and global investment funds from North America, Asia and the nearby countries.


InteRo Group developing portfolio includes:


  • NorthLight Residence. Located in the middle of nature in North-East Bucharest, the project spans 13,000 sqm and includes a total of 110 apartments with an exceptional view of the lake, 4,000-sqm of green spaces, playgrounds and a 320-sqm pool.
  • New Confort City. Located in the Southeast of Bucharest, the 280-apartment project will also benefit from a unique, much-needed green area for the community.
  • SkyLight Residence. Situated in the central part of the City (Obor area), the 10-hectares mixed-use project will provide upon its completion a total of 100,000 sqm office space and 270,000 sqm of residential on a total of 95,000 sqm plot of land.
  • Bucurestii Noi project has been designed as an environmentally-friendly, state-of-the-art technology IT campus that will be developed on a 5-hectare plot connected to the Jiului Metro station. As an integrated project, it will consist of 7 office buildings totaling 197,000 sqm (93,000 sqm to be developed by Skanska Property Romania, and the rest by InteRo).
  • Residential project in Brasov – Spanning 32 hectares, the project will provide 2,000 villas, townhouses and apartments.


About InteRo Group


Established by Topolinski investor family (father Michael and his three children – Michael, Tyler and Ashton), InteRo Property Development has been present in Romania for 15 years. InteRo’s portfolio includes five innovative and efficiently designed real estate projects with a total built area of almost 480,000 sqm, including 204,000 sqm of office space and 3,080 apartments. Landmark deals include the 2012 purchase of 78,000 sqm on Progresului for EUR 21 million, where Vulcan Value Center stands today, and the largest transaction of 2019, when they sold half of Dacia Textile platform to Skanska Property Romania for EUR 23 million to build Bucurestii Noi. InteRo is dedicated to design and technology driven innovative concepts, with a vision to create high-quality living and working spaces, while driving the overall growth of the local Real Estate market in terms of standards and mentality. https://intero.ro/


About Bright Spaces


Bright Spaces is a European Venture Backed PropTech startup that offers a complete digital showcasing and commercializing solution for office and residential spaces. By using 3D visualization, digital space availability, and various automation, optimization, and digitalization features in the leasing or selling process, Bright Spaces aims to increase the number of relevant requests and to foster commercial agreements in these segments.  https://brightspaces.tech


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