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August 13, 2022

President Iohannis in Chisinau: Romania stands with R. of Moldova, as it has always been: You can count on us!

President Klaus Iohannis declared on Wednesday in Chisinau, after a meeting with Maia Sandu, that Romania stands with the Republic of Moldova and its citizens, as always. “You can count on us,” the president said.

“We focused, as expected, on the consequences of the Russian Federation’s aggression on Ukraine (…) We came to Chisinau with Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca with a strong message. Romania stands with the Republic of Moldova and its citizens as it has always been. You can count on us, “the head of state said.

Iohanis talked about the support that Moldova has offered to the refugees from Ukraine, but also about Romania’s help so that the Republic of Moldova can cope with the influx of refugees.

“Besides Romania, next to you are, in solidarity, all the states of our European and Euro-Atlantic community. In these difficult times, I would first like to express my appreciation for the impressive efforts of President Maia Sandu, the Government, all the authorities of the Republic of Moldova, and for the exemplary mobilization of civil society and citizens in the reception and care of those seeking refuge from the horrors of the war in Ukraine. I am convinced that this effort of the Republic of Moldova will remain imprinted in the collective memory for a long time, as a gesture of deep generosity and humanity, representative characteristics for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova “, Klaus Iohannis told  a press conference held  jointly  with Maia Sandu.

“Since the beginning of the conflict, Romania has allocated substantial humanitarian assistance to the Republic of Moldova in various forms – fuel, energy resources, transportation of essential materials to be made available to refugees arriving here in the Republic of Moldova. Just today, a humanitarian convoy with a total of 55 tons of food and other products for Ukrainian refugees from the Republic of Moldova arrived here in Chisinau by a transport provided by the Romanian General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations. Romania has also taken steps, through the organization of green corridors, for the direct reception, by road and rail, of Ukrainian refugees from the Republic of Moldova and their transportation to Romania, where, obviously, they are given due and necessary assistance. We have carried out over 73 road and 11 rail transports in the last week. We want these steps to help reduce the pressure on the Republic of Moldova, “ Iohannis added.


President Sandu says R. of Moldova relies on the support of its partners to overcome the challenges caused by the war in Ukraine


Republic of Moldova President Maia Sandu said on Wednesday that her country relies on the support of its partners to overcome the challenges caused by the war in Ukraine.

“Regrettably, on February 24 the Russian Federation unleashed an unprovoked war against Ukraine. We suddenly all found ourselves in a gloomy, uncertain world. What is happening now in Ukraine is horrific. The military actions have destabilized the entire region, and the challenges posed by this war are putting pressure on the Republic of Moldova too. We need the support of our friends and partners to overcome them. The Republic of Moldova has firmly condemned the military aggression against Ukraine and has called for peace from the very start of military action. Also, our country was quick to offer humanitarian aid to our friendly neighbor country, receiving the people who flee the war,” Maia Sandu said after her meeting with visiting President of Romania Klaus Iohannis.

She went on to note that 340,000 people have crossed the border from Ukraine to the Republic of Moldova since the beginning of the war, and 100,000 of these refugees remained in Moldova.

“We are witnessing a full-blown human drama. We must help these people and we will continue to do so. Thousands of families from all regions of the country are hosting guests from Ukraine. (…) It’s a significant effort for a small country with modest revenues like ours,” Maia Sandu pointed out.

The President of the Republic of Moldova said that, faced with a large inflow of refugees, Moldova has called on EU member states to consider the possibility of resettling Ukrainian refugees on their territory and praised the Romanian authorities’ prompt decision to open a green corridor for the safe passage to the EU of the refugees from the Moldova – Ukraine border.

“At the same time, I thank the authorities in Bucharest for the assistance provided with the management of the refugee flow. The first batch of humanitarian aid, 17 tons of food, hygiene products, beds, toys, arrived on March 4 and was distributed to town halls and the children’s homes providing shelter to Ukraine refugees. A second, 55-ton batch arrived today in Chisinau and I would also like to thank the government in Bucharest for approving fuel assistance for the Republic of Moldova consisting of over 155 tons of diesel and 150 tons of gasoline to cover the transportation needs of the institutions involved in the management of the refugee flow; to this add 5,000 tons of black oil to support Moldova’s energy security, badly affected by the war in Ukraine. Romania once again stands by our side in difficult times,” said Maia Sandu.

The Moldovan President expressed her desire for the rapid progress of the construction of the Ungheni bridge.

“Romania stood by us during the critical moments last autumn, during the gas crisis, offering us black oil and speeding up the commissioning of the Iasi – Chisinau gas pipeline. I hope that the energy security cooperation memorandum signed in February by the governments of the two states will speed up Moldova and Romania’s energy interconnection and the connection of our country to Romania’s major energy projects. The decision to connect the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine to the Continental European Grid was announced today, and consequently, our energy projects gain even more importance. Mr President, the new reality in the region requires us to act firmly and resolutely,” Sandu remarked.

The President of the Republic of Moldova thanked Romania for its support with the pandemic and energy hardships.

“We live in difficult times when solidarity, care, mutual aid must prevail. Only thus can we overcome the tragedy and destruction of war, only in this way can we claim humanity. I urge the international community, all democratic countries to focus our efforts on bringing to end the military attack, stop the fighting and restoring peace in Ukraine. It’s what we all want, this is what Ukraine’s citizens in particular deserve,” said the Moldovan President.


Photo: www.presidency.ro

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